“The End of Illness” – A review on the book and topic

Oncologist Dr. David Agus, professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California, founder of two personalized medicine companies and recipient of the 2009, GQ “rock star of science” has written a best-selling book – “The End of Illness”.

He states “if we look at the body as a system, with a few simple life-style changes, plus new technologies already in the pipeline, three inexpensive medicines, and a change in the way we store and share medical information…the end of cancer, the end of all illness, is in sight”.

This is a complete paradigm shift for medicine, in considering that the body is in control and able to self-regulate health.  This traditionally is the basic premise of chiropractic, leaders of the alternative health care field.

Maybe this is the beginning of mutual respect and cooperation of these professional entities.

The five major lifestyle recommendations are not contradictory or foreign to holistic practitioners.

  • Drop the vitamin supplements:  Herbalists and Acupuncturists very seldom recommend vitamin supplements.  It is whole foods, herbs and homeopathic remedies
  • Juicers are not normally recommended as a lifestyle change due to the blood sugar stress placed on the pancreas.  Exceptions to the rule are in serious illness when body systems are not able to function normally in the assimilation and elimination of nutrients and metabolites.  Gerson Therapy, a very specific juicing treatment with other naturopathic remedies, and very specific equipment such as the Norwalk Juicer is necessary for this medically ‘controversial” cancer treatment.  Juicing has its place, it is not without merit.
  • Fruits and Vegetables today – fresh, I wish for in Canada.  Nothing new for the Green movement:  vegans, vegetarians, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors and all holistic health care practitioners.
  • To optimize body rhythms and functions, and to reduce stress, you need: Sensible, comfortable shoes and clothing, Regular sleep and dietary habits, and regular chiropractic adjustments.  Regular habits and behavior,…. predictability,….. reduces body stress.  All are basic tenets of holistic health care.

What is new is that sitting 4hrs a day will eventually surface as cardiovascular stress in later years, even if you exercise regularly.

So the two commandments are:

  1. Cut down on daily sources of life-threatening inflammation.   In review of a 13 year study, Dr. Agus noted that sitting for four consecutive hours puts you at risk for heath disease.
  2. Take an active part in your own health care.  (Sounds like chiropractic advice).

The medical advice may or may not be appropriate for each or any individual.  One size does not fit all, nor does one drug.

Alternatives to these drugs may be herbs, homeopathics or essential oils.  Essential oils after all, were the original medicines on planet earth discovered and produced by the Egyptians.

Aspirin & Statin drugs, may be replaced by dietary changes along with essentials oils, lavender, cypress, and aroma life (blend) may be effective.

  • Vaccinations & the Flu Shot:  Homeopathic remedies, such as mucococcinum and or others, from which the vaccination principle came, would be recommended.

Finally, what a great idea to have your health information at your finger tips:  A secure USB flash drive, ready for ALL professional health care/medical practitioners.  Patient priority would be the number one concern.

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