What is Phytotherapy?

We have only begun to explore and see the amazing true subtlety of nature.

What is Phytoembryology (Phytotherapy)?

The biology of cell function and growth is a virtual world on the cusp of nature’s informational blueprint.  A blueprint like a mirror between the visible and invisible worlds. A blueprint written in time and space like a standing wave of your energetic frequency.  Attract the most subtle to gross polarities in nature for the creation Living Tissue.

By every Word of God, every vibrational state, the fractal universe is embodied by Homo Sapiens.

How can the mineral, plant and animal worlds be mutually exclusive?

How does a seed, explode into expansive growth with 400x more nutrient rich resources than in it’s less dormant state?

How do undifferentiated cells (stem) become specific differentiated in you to benefit your health?

How can this information and knowledge be useful for you in your life  and what you do daily for a living?

Phyto is plant |  Embryo is the budding, sprouting

Natures command for undifferentiated (stem) cells to grow, rejuvenate, regenerate, revitalize, or replace differentiated cells.

For example:  Baby soft skin –   durable, flexible muscles –  nerves of steel – strong healthy bones…

Ask about the new generation of phytotherapy or phytogens offered at Hill Chiropractic.

This is supernutrient information for improved health and superior body biology.

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