Food Adventures

I challenge you to expand your horizons!  That really is not a difficult thing to do in this day and age.

Whatever your culinary habit, change it.  If you are from a certain cultural or ethnic background, eat differently.  Give yourself some variety and spice up your life (pun intended)

Just how flexible is your constitution.  And if you are not flexible or perhaps unhealthy, chances are this decision and behavior may be a very positive change in your life.

People and patients often ask me what I eat; am I vegetarian, vegan, or this, that etc. – always a box of some kind.

I don’t believe any two people are the same, nor should their diets be.

So I recommend principles from different streams of thought; such as, an oriental idea that we eat 35 different foods a day.  That is a challenge for North Americans, because they can’t eat too much of any one thing.

Another principle is to eat fresh, live, and organic & plant-based foods.  This is another North American challenge.

A second principle along this line is to eat only what is labeled organic & Non-GMO.  This tends to exclude almost all foods with self-life.

Now, if you have not asked yourself, what foods are there left to eat?  Then I would say you probably have a fairly balanced diet and a better than average creative cuisine mindset.

Most people emphatically state, “no dairy, meat, eggs, breads…what is there to eat?!”…

That’s way too strict a diet!

They do not hear themselves! … Stating what a narrow, limited dietary lifestyle, that they are living, every week, every day, and every meal.

A second reason, they say, is where can you go out to eat, what restaurants serve this kind of food?

Again, you may be surprised by what you find.

See below, some of my favorite restaurants:  Soulyve (Orangeville), Euphoria (Orangeville) and Mint Bistro (Brampton).  Soulyve is Caribbean Cuisine, Mint Bistro is Indian Cuisine and both are full menus with fusion of herbs & spices as their themes.  Euphoria is a chalkboard full of vegan variety of dishes & smoothie drinks with flavors beyond imagination.

Check these restaurants out for yourself.  Put a little adventure into your cuisine.  You never know, you and your body may like the habit change.


Soulyve Caribbean Cuisine

19 Mill Street Orangeville, ON  519-307-5983

Hours:  Tues – Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun & Mon: Closed


Euphoria Orangeville

Euphoria Orangeville – Vegetarian, Smoothies

154 Broadway Orangeville, ON  519-938-5554 / 866-438-3874

Hours:  Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: CLOSED

Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Indian Bistro – Indian Cuisine

1779 Queen Street East  Brampton  905-793-6655

Hours:  Tues-Sat: Noon-11pm,  Sun: Noon-10pm, Mon:  Closed

(No longer in business – updated Nov 23 2013)

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