Charting Unknown Territory

Shoulder Pain_Hill Chiropractic ImageThis blog is dedicated to the layman, the general public:  The 90+ percent of the population that has not experienced chiropractic care.

TRULY experience chiropractic care, like my patient “Bill” (we will use this name for the sake of the article), who after a year still comes in sometimes because he hurts, sometimes not because he hurts.  He first came in for a shoulder problem, which he no longer has, and today it was a totally frightening experience of his right quadriceps (thigh) numbing and powering out when he walks.  He lies down on the chiropractic table, I press on his lower back (trigger point) and he feels his thigh!  The same feeling he gets when he walks.  An ‘Ah-Hah’ moment for him!

The piezoelectric effect, or the ‘da chi’, or the referral pain, or what Bill knows as his ‘leg pain’.

Is it a:

  • Muscle problem? 
  • Bone problem? 
  • Nerve problem? 
  • Joint problem? 
  • Circulation problem? 
  • Lymphatic problem? 

The answer is… YES…To all of the above.

The treatment (or solution) is spine, not leg.  Adjustment of the spine; pressure on the lower back trigger point and Bill did not feel the leg problem.  Don’t we wish every treatment was that successful?

That treatment was the tip of the iceberg.  Bill has regular adjustments; that is a different attitude.  He is posture conscious, and knows he is only as young as his spine is supple / flexible.  He stays active, physically and mentally, and pays attention to his proper nutrition and rest/sleep.

He recovers his health much more quickly and efficiently than when he first came to the office.

Below is a ‘Map of the Territory’:  Health problems that many people may have experienced.  It is nice to know that your body has all the resources to be well and to get well.  See a chiropractor, you owe it to yourself.

And if you do not get results, see a different chiropractor.  You body is like a car:  If it breaks down and the first mechanic does not fix it, you do not leave the car in the driveway.  You have invested too much in this car to not be able to use it to its full potential.

So find a skilled and knowledgeable ‘mechanic’ that can get the job done.

Patience and Perseverance:  Part of the Positive Attitude

Chart :  Effects of Misalignments

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