Getting on the Same Page Together

What do you want, and why don’t you have it?

When you come into the office, this is the questions patients ask.  “This hurts when I do this, or that!  I want to move or be still..pain free!”

It is pretty simple body language and it is your self talk.  How can I possibly help?

In my mind the solution comes by “Getting on the same page together”

We are going to compare right with left, top with bottom, front with back.  We are going to do this statically and dynamically.  And we are going to do this standing, sitting, lying down on your front and your back.

We are going to find what you can do and what can’t do…together.  What hurts and what does not hurt,…together.

Then we are going to ask why this side and not the other side, the top and not the bottom, front and not the back..or vice versa.

And you will have the answers, or at least your body will.

My question or challenge to you is…How well do you want to be?

In every day, day in & day out, the activities appear to be the same.  Hour after hour patients receive adjustments that appear to be the same.  Some treatments are 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10-15 minutes.  How can a minute treatment help, anyone!

In every second, there is a “moment”, a very still eternal moment, where now, the circumstances will never be the same because of our question of how well do you want to be.

And the resources for balance for the rest of your life remain.

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