Layers of an Onion

Hill Chiropractic Layers of An Onion It seems that humans try to protect themselves with tension-like layers of an onion.  That sounds ridiculous, but this is a very good analogy to describe treatment and the tracking of your pain.

Layers of an Onion … the deeper you go, the more you cry!

And your pain is your guide, your best friend, your true friend.  Your pain will guide you in every aspect (context) of healing your body and soul.  To have what you want, you will find exactly what you need to have, be or do.

Who doesn’t need chiropractic care; an adjustment, a subluxation correction, hands on help for the body today.

Everybody does; everybody who lives in the gravity of planet earth.

Help the body, with everything, every way you can.  It is your posture, your responsibility and your ability.  Some people lack the ability to be vertical.  (Something to think about or maybe not)

How is it that patients don’t come in until they hurt.  And they say, “But I was fine until I just bent over, and my back just ‘went out’”

How is it, when patients come in when they don’t hurt and I lean on their hips or trigger point other spots.. and they hurt!?

How is it when patients come in regular and more often, they don’t hurt, and I lean on their hips & other trigger points and they hurt somewhere else,…deeper!

That deeper compensating tension pattern may be due to old injuries long forgotten, repetition in the work force, or learned loco-motor and postural patterns from parents and childhood.

This has been described in many manners by many different visionaries and scientists.

Moshe Feldencrais in Learning & Body Maturity to Dr. Gerard Guenot in The Maturation of the Six Homeostatic Systems.

The theme and principles are the same:

  • The human body is a self-regulating system.
  • Keep the human body balanced, to allow for self-healing.
  • The body systems are not fully developed at birth and their maturation / evolution unfolds. according to precise patterns throughout youth and involution in old-age.
  • The body systems have an order of maturation.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Trigger point therapy, Homeopathic and herbal all address these issues.

The body systems have 2 triads

The six body systems (layers) are arranged in the two triads and design.

  • The first 3 systems are YIN (female)
Material , 
Water , 
--> Mineralization
Function , 
Wood  ,  
--> Metabolism
Immune System 
--> Identity
  • The second 3 systems are YANG (male)
Triple Warmer
--> Behavior of cells
--> Ensures communication exchange within self
Action & Awareness,  
--> overseas balance of impulse

The body has 2 homeostatic balancing mechanisms

  • Cellular
  • Six Systems (see above)

Homeostasis is the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.”

Any imbalance of the body’s posture and loco-motor system (60% of the Central Nervous System)

Or metabolism (40% of the Central Nervous System) will be present in the body physical.

Any imbalance from past /old injuries of the body posture and loco-motor system or interferences with the development or maturation of homeostatic systems will be present in the body physical.

How chronic these conditions remain are like layers of an onion.  They remain a part and apart of an onion.  They remain a part and apart of you until they serve their purpose in your life.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Trigger point therapy, Homeopathic, Herbal, Magnetic Resonance, Light / Laser Therapy – all address these issues.

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