Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail – Part 1

The Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail, a unique herbal / spice blend is available at Hill Chiropractic.  These herbs are common, very old even ancient; their value underestimated in this modern age. Unfortunately, today these herbs are more important and necessary than ever.

Our health habits and living conditions reveal our culture to be most fed, least nourished.

Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail Dr. Ron Hill Chiropractic BlogIt is obvious, paradoxical and perhaps obnoxious to suggest that our current epidemic of obesity and illness is in part, or wholly, due to nutrient deficiency, and the body’s superior innate drive to find and secure these biological keys to health and vitality.  At appears people are over-eating to restore the body’s diminishing inventories of minerals and enzymes.

Nature’s fundamental principles literally weigh heavy on man’s soul, confounds science and undermines health-care business practices.  These same principles keep man’s ways clear and simple.

Living tissue requires enzymes with mineral co-factors.  Life seeks life, that being living tissue, and nature continuously guides man in the errors of his ways.

Our bodies need nature’s/natural vitamins (enzymes) and minerals.

One more simple/ basic, the 3 kingdoms:  The Mineral Kingdom, The Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom.  The mineral kingdom supports or nourishes the plant Kingdom; the plant kingdom supports/nourishes the animal kingdom – “The Circle of Life”.

Minerals are made available to man/animal by plants.  Some of the strongest plants in the plant kingdom are herbs and spices.  We consider them the strongest because they are able to assimilate and accumulate vitamins, minerals, enzymes and alkaloids which are in heavy demand by the human metabolism.

We do not have the ability to metabolize minerals or we would be able to live by eating dirt.

The Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail is dedicated to Marcel Wolfe who researched and created this blend.  Out of respect and inspiration for his father, Marcel was motivated to find the most effective, safe, and affordable remedy to restore, optimize and maintain optimal health.

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