Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail – A Spiced up recipe for Health

Cayenne Pepper_ Cayenne Wolfe CocktailTry, or Ask about our homemade Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail. It is a blend of the top 5 spices inspired by and dedicated to the father of Mr. Marcel Wolfe. Marcel Wolfe, the cocktail originator, continues to search across the world for health promoting remedies.

Here are the not so secret ingredients of this supplement available at our office – Hill Chiropractic:

• Cayenne
• Cinnamon
• Ginger
• Turmeric
• Cloves

Together these spices:

  • Aid fat burning and boost metabolism
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-fungal

Cover all the bases every day with a ‘Pinch of salt’…

NO – not salt! but a ‘Pinch of spices’

No to Salt Yes to Spices

  1. Cayenne – “King of Spices” – Heats up your body and the metabolism. It helps to regulate insulin, banish depression & blood sugar, aiding fat loss. It does not burn, but heals stomach tissues and ulcers, stimulates digestive enzymes and reduces cholesterol and cardiovascular inflammation.
  2. Cinnamon – Stabilizes blood-sugar can control belly-fat and anti-inflammatory properties. Powerful anti-inflammatory properties reduce cardiovascular inflammation; as well as, muscle and joint inflammation (pain and stiffness).
  3. Ginger – is a strong anti-inflammatory, that helps reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis, and muscle aches. Ginger also fights cancer, reduces cholesterol, and prevents blood clots that lead to strokes or heart disease. Ginger also has anti-viral properties helping to calm the effects of the flu, colds and sore throats.
  4. Turmeric – Powerful anti-inflammatories & boosts the immune system. The curcumin ingredient is comparable to hydrocortisone, Advil and Motrin, slows down Alzheimer’s, speeds stroke recovery, improves liver function, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, lowers Homocysteine and fights cancer. [2]
  5. Cloves – helps to fight infection, digestive problems, arthritic pain, bacteria, and fungal problems.

“Cloves have been measured as having THE highest antioxidant level (ORAC value) of all spices and herbs.” [1]

Spice up your life, slim down, have more energy and be healthier!

If you have doubts about the validity of these claims, inquire at Hill Chiropractic for EIS Body Scans and Consultation follow-ups.

1. Top 10 Super Spices –  by Catherine Ebeling RN, BSN
2. Catherine Ebeling RN, BSN & Mike Geary: Certified Nutrition Specialist. Book – The Fat Burning Kitchen

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