Ancient Voltage Therapy

Healing is VoltageLast years’ book review of Healing is Voltage during one of our Sow Simple presentations appeared to be very enlightening and empowering for our workshop participants in gaining back their health.

 “A drop in voltage causes a drop in oxygen.  A drop in oxygen causes chronic pain, poor metabolism and infections” [1]

This year the absolute subtle sophistication of Egyptian health enhancing science & technology is ‘sow’ simple and even more mind boggling.  The knowledge is believed by scientists to even pre-date the Egyptian Dynasty.  The description of disease(s) and methods of correcting these conditions involve the balancing of energies from the gross physical (body shape) to the subatomic energy flow (akin to acupuncture meridians).

 Acupuncture & Chiropractic, one and the Same

The Egyptian system has many acupuncture parallels.  They were aware of the effects of electromagnetic induction, the galvanic effect and the piezoelectric effect.  They understood the mechanisms by which these forces restore health and harmony, as well as rhythm and resonance, in the human body.  And that the human body is the interface between heaven (sun & stars) and earth.

The Egyptians appear to have a greater knowledge and understanding of how the universe works:  From the intrinsic core forces of the earth below, to the vast, awe-inspiring galaxies above.

The ancient Egyptians designed their health-care system to deliver life promoting forces of nature to the human being in a very subtle manner.

A fundamental principal is to match these forces.

  • If a treatment is too strong, the body will try to defend itself.
  • Too weak and the treatment is useless, or may even have a negative effect.
  • Just right, a matched force, you have a heightened response and it is strengthening to the body.

 This is resonance:  “The Goldilocks Effect” for healing the body.

 “Resonance is the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system.”

The Egyptian’s insight into the invisible world of energy, is not to be outdone by what you see in front of you:  The power of shape.   The shape of a pyramid was literally understood and used to enhance the interface between “heaven and earth”, which is better understood today as our “internal and external environment”.  Science has shown that this shape, the pyramid, has many powers – known and unknown.  One of these powers is to alter body pH, a chemical term which is equivalent to voltage, an electrical term.

Is this knowledge for mankind or only reserved for the Pharaoh’s of Egypt?

Stay tuned for this knowledge coming back to the future.


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  2. Valery Uvarov – Book: The Wands of Horus