Reading between the Lines

When it comes to your health, most Health Professionals consider the amount of stress you have in your life.  They acknowledge that it is not stress that causes the health problem, but your response to stress that causes your health problem.(1)

Stress either builds you up or breaks you down.

When you become distressed, you and your body begin to suffer from inflammation.  Too much or not enough stimulation, exaggerated or distorted signals that your body cannot manage may cause dysfunction, dis-ease and illness.  The body does this by inflammation.

“Three disruptive signals of function are:  Trauma, deficiency/toxicity and thought.  Thought being the action of the mind, where 70% of adult thinking is negative-generating limiting beliefs and 95% of thought is unconscious, as learned habits from just 5 years of life” (2)

Now we can say the major player in your health problem and cause of inflammation in your body is you.  You do not lack medication.  You may lack information from powers of perception and discrimination, but you do not lack medication.

Perception is your way to Truth and Creativity (problem solving).  You need to be as positive or negative as you need to be to prove yourself.  It appears to be some sort of reality check, to prove yourself right or wrong or fulfill your life with love.

It does not have to be a very serious life-threatening disease that disturbs or disrupts your peace of mind.  It may be as small as an irritating mosquito buzzing around your ear in the middle of the night that conjures up extreme mental agitation, restlessness and even insomnia.  Perhaps crickets are also part of this parade and now you cannot allow yourself to sleep under the stars

What if all your waking moments were filled with the absolute richness of creativity and your expression of appreciation for it?  A state of being so positive, you have no time for the negative (to exist) in your life.

Isn’t this a choice that everyone has in using their perception – reading between the lines – in our experiences?  This is a supreme state of being: insightful, positive, creative and energetically powerful.  Being Sow Simple, we already have what it takes, perception to learn to read between the lines.  Everything happens for a reason and the reason is to serve us.

Choose wisely, choose positive. 

What if there is something better?  What would it be like?

Our health is one monumental stepping stone in restoring order and right action in our lives.  Take total responsibility to read between the lines.


  1. Hans Selye – Stress without the Stress
  2. Bruce Lipton & Steve Bhaerman – Spontaneous Evolution

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