Body Brain Disconnect = health problems

We have a window of opportunity to take total responsibility and directly intervene to correct the Body Brain mis-communication!  This can be accomplished by changing everyday qualities of life, such as what you eat, drink and take care to do.  Behaviors you already have full control over, you may simply change with some knowledge and understanding that we have today.

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Do it now!

The body brain disconnect in humans parallels cell membrane dysfunction in the cells of the body.  The brain of the cell is the cell membrane, and cellular functions or cell metabolism is disconnected in 3 general ways.

Cell Membrane Dysfunction

  • Happens through lifestyle and dietary factors which include the consumption of trans-fats and other preservatives. These processes and chemicals used in the production and prevention of spoilage of our food cause cell membrane permeability changes.   This means the cell membrane behaves more like plastic wrap causing screaming, hungry, starving cells to generate body brain addiction behaviors.

Lack of Nutrient Dense Foods

  • Diminishing intracellular cell resources cannot be replenished by empty calories from a poor and limited variety of food stuffs

The Collapse of the Organ Systems

  • The higher ordered homeostatic systems that regulate cell functions and its environment, via mineral ratios and other mechanisms, begin (over) taxing cell function due to dietary excesses, deficiencies and toxicities.


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