Still the Presence… of… The Hidden Drug

Missing Piece to the puzzle for Brain health…a blog series

  • The Learning Challenged
  • The E.I.S – See for Yourself
  • From Articulate to Super Sleuth – The Hidden Drug[1] – Dietary Phosphate (revisited)
  • The Articulate Addiction
  • The Effects of Phosphate in Food
  • Mechanisms to explain how excess Phosphates effect our health
  • Never mind the Magic Pill :  Remember the Magic Principle – ADD points to remember
  • MacLean’s Triune Brain
  • Still the Presence of.. the Hidden Drug

“Still the Presence”

  • A series of Blogs to give just cause and importance to the profound depth and nature of this problem and the wide range of effects and disorders that result…from our neglect.
  • Sow simple every day may just be the best thing you can do for yourself and others
  • I hope you enjoy the entire series and find the information comforting and useful – not necessarily easy.
  • This is an expose of human kind’s, or the soul’s, personal ‘War & Peace’

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[1] The Hidden Drug – by Hertha Hafer

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