The Learning Challenged

All of us are victims of ‘The Learning Challenged’ – there are no exceptions.  How do we know?  And if this is true, who is to blame?  These questions need answers now. This is a serious problem.  If you are not Learning Challenged then you are learning to manage the Learning Challenged.

This article is for everyone, especially if you are seeking some peace of mind or some aspect of it, like a holiday or your health.

We know holidays are temporary and way too much work before and after you go on your ‘trip’ or ‘rest’.

And health is even more elusive with stress and chronic inflammation from whatever medical name they have for it.  We are either taking care of ourselves or family and perhaps good friends because of these ailments.

What kind of life is that?  It is disgusting in my mind.

On top of that, the latest corporate interests and endeavors are fueling the fire or creating it with what today is now being called “Information Anxiety”.

And the goal or game for them is to capture and hold your attention.

Most people are not even aware they have attention, an attention span, a freedom and choices outside their needs and desires.

Where do we begin? 

And I say, it is not with you, because very few people are ‘brutally honest’ with themselves.  They have learned…something somewhere:  School, work, wherever..

We are going to start with family and friends, because I know, you know, someone who is mild, moderate or severely learning challenged.

The FAQs

Presented by Mikhael Adams, ND on “Pediatric Health” – October 4 2012

August 2008 – Vaccination Risk Awareness Network – – states that in the last 25 years

  • Autism – increased over 1000 times in less than one generation
  • Juvenile Diabetes – 104% increase since 1980
  • Anaphylactic Food Allergies – doubled in the last decade
  • All types of Allergies 0 increased nearly six times
  • Obesity – now almost 20%, 3 times the prevalence in 1980
  • Attention Deficit Disorder – now almost 10%

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Collaboration with the Health Resources and Services Administration recently conducted a study on these trends:

“Data from the study showed that developmental disabilities (DDs) are common: about 1 in 6 children in the U.S. had a DD in 2006–2008.”

Over the last 12 years, the

  • Prevalence of DDs has increased 17.1%—that’s about 1.8 million more children with DDs in 2006–2008 compared to a decade earlier;
  • Prevalence of autism increased 289.5%;
  • Prevalence of ADHD increased 33.0%; and,
  • Prevalence of hearing loss decreased 30.9%

This contradicts the idea that this condition is hereditary and the end result of human evolution.  But it appears we were better and healthier in the past, than now.

But it does not contradict today’s science and technology that it is becoming a genetic problem due to toxicity.

The body is being poisoned and it does run in families.  It does affect everybody because your metabolism is affected, your hormones are affected, your brain and nerves are affected and your heart & muscles are affected:  As a consequence of this, your behavior is affected…to be ‘brutally honest’.

How can society turn a blind eye to this obvious truth?

It is because society does not have eyes, we have eyes, we are society and only we are responsible, not society.  It’s because the symptoms are not the same across the board:  It doesn’t affect everyone in the same way.  The fact is that some people are more sensitive and are predisposed to problems because their metabolism cannot buffer this poisoning.  We consider them as poor souls but their learning abilities have become acute, heightened and sensitive.  We have learned much from them and much more to come.

The sensitive victims can correct this problem, not reverse it.  They can only correct the issue by correcting their behavior – which is their outward response to the problem.  They manage their symptoms because they will learn not to create their symptoms.


They avoid the toxicities and poisonings. They support the body systems and metabolisms.

Perhaps now as opposed to 100 years ago we are all predisposed to continuous sources of poisoning, and are now all more and more sensitive!

You think, you are normal, not learning challenged, but how do you know!?

The EIS, Electro Interstitial Scan, is a body scan that detects changes of micro-circulation in the body.  It detects the presence of chronic or acute inflammation in the body, along with approximately 70 other physiological functions.  This class III medical device (on par with x-ray, MRI, EKG, etc) is popular and was developed in Europe.  It is a recent addition to the North American market for people to get helpful health information in a functional context.  It is designed to get you useful information, quickly (3-5 min). With the assistance of a trained professional, you can take this information and immediately apply it to your health program.

Have a body scan and learn fundamental issues that are causing and predisposing you to learning difficulties, behavior difficulties, hormonal difficulties, metabolic difficulties, brain and central nervous system difficulties, gastrointestinal and digestion difficulties.. in short STRESS and INFLAMMATION in your life.

Who today is not in this category!?  This box created  by; we don’t know who.  But we do know our box, created by our behavior, our conscious and / or unconscious decisions!

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