E.I.S – Electro-Interstitial Scan – See for Yourself

The Balance of Life or Health is based on the principle of homeostasis, which is a dynamic flux and flow of elements in balanced ratio’s, in the human body.

The EIS measures and determines body tissue and cell chemistry and physiology by bioimpedance, the electrical properties of these elements.

Bioimpedance is the response of a living organism to an externally applied electric current. It is a measure of the opposition to the flow of that electric current through the tissues” – Wikipedia

Bioimpedance technology has been used medically since the 1950’s for burn patients, who needed quick accurate information to know what and how much electrolytes would be needed to be infused into patients by IV – intravenous drip.  This was life or death procedure to prevent a patient from going into shock from electrolyte loss (due to skin loss from burns).

Bioimpedance technology continued to be useful in medicine in the 1960s and 1970s with heart transplant surgery.  It was absolutely necessary for surgeons to know not just the health status of the heart going into the patient, but also the condition of all the other organs in the patient.  It is no use putting a new heart into a patient when their kidneys are failing.  Bioimpedance technology gave medicine quick accurate information, like high fidelity sound in the music industry in that era.

There has been at least five generations of development of this technology, since Dr. Voll’s work in the 1960’s.

Dr. Voll, a medical doctor, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  After exhausting all that medicine had to offer, he sought medical alternatives.  He noticed relief with acupuncture and began to mark and record skin resistance and voltage reading’s of acupuncture points.  He further noted that when readings increased and maintained higher/normal levels (which he determined and were on a relative scale) then his health improved and he remained well.  Although he was given only months to live, Dr. Voll lived for 30 more years.
So diversified in fact, the industry began to fail due to the innovative explosion of information and lack of standardization.  This fortunately was remedied by the fourth generation of this technology, BEST Bio-Energetic Stress Testing – was the result of a merger of the two largest companies who began standardizing equipment and education.Since then the research exploded in this electro-diagnostic / electro-therapy field.   Acupuncture, or Meridian Therapy, Allergy testing and numerous other therapies became popular.

The 5th generation came from Europe, Dr. Albert Maarck, a French medical doctor and neuro-endocrinologist.  He designed this technology to integrate body physiology/chemistry findings with medical principles.

His intention was not to replace present standards in medical testing but to complete the medical picture, and remove any doubt as to what exactly the diagnosis is to be.


He accomplished this in 2 parts:

  • Using the fundamental principle in medicine, the davenport diagram analysis or in layman terms, pH Balance.
  • Using the expertise of a Russian software computer programmer,  he was able to describe approximately 70- physiological functions with their element balances and ratios for doctors, health practitioners and patients alike, to see and understand
    • Mineral balances
    • Hormone balances
    • Brain neurotransmitter balances
    • Free radical and antioxidant balances
    • Blood chemistry balances
    • pH balance
    • Visual display of chronic and acute inflammation…..

The equipment also calibrates and cross checks information to be useful for research purposes.  Its statistical analysis includes sensitivity (%) and specificity (%).

This is a percentage probability that you have this problem.

Basically this technology is determining the status of the body’s microcirculation.  Too much or too little, you have trouble

And secondly, this technology suggests, elements to balance functions and restore health, such as minerals, vitamins, herbs, foods to avoid, food to eat, types of exercise and possible further medical testing if necessary.

It is a proactive learning program for patients

  • Restore and optimize health – to enjoy the golden years
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve coping management skills
  • Reduce/eliminate  – disease, dysfunction, inflammation, illness, infection or injury

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