From Articulate to Super Sleuth

From Articulate to Supersleuth - Dr. Ron Hill ChiropracticI dare you to connect the dots of your personal health and behavior history.  Not just your memory of you, but also your mother’s memory of you.  For Example:

Childhood memories

Chronic ear problems, infections, hearing difficulties, sore throats and doctor visits for medications.

Mother’s memories

A complete version of problems from birth – ear infections, cradle cap, sinus, poor sleeping and eating problems, slow dental and physical maturation, learning difficulties, poor attention, restlessness, hyperactivity, violent tempers, rages, not to mention ‘pulling wings off of a fly’ / bored-destructive tendencies.

Allergies and allergy shots for episodes after touching a horse and face swelling up, eye lids so puffed up you can’t see itchy skin so strong you are beside yourself.  Hives –or prickly skin- when you sweat too much, or when the summer heat is too hot / humid.

Sinus and ear problems every week when you took swimming lessons and you were told it was a reaction to chlorine in the pool water.

Hay fever, where you eyes itch and water so much you could not stand it and your nose was sneezing and your throat was so inflamed that you didn’t want to go outside.  And this could happen outside the haying season or the golden rod season or this pollen or that pollen season.

Chronic bronchitis or asthma or whatever name the doctor put on it; chronic respiratory distress where you learn to slow down, relax… and relax even more.  You learn to breathe through each heave, one heave at a time. This heaving chest where you felt and think you just can’t get enough air in:  To live and to stay conscious.  To stop any oncoming black out or fainting spell.

…And you are back to the family doctor for more weekly shots and medication.

Not to mention having a very finicky diet, one based on fast convenient bland food, or sweet and salty flavors.  Not having time to eat, not wanting to take time to eat, just down it and keep moving, to get out and play.

Not to mention having no interest in school (reading writing, etc), exceptions the social and play.  And the reading interest came in the pursuit of further skill development.

Now this may sound all too common and of no consequence.  But these are classic signs of the Hidden Drug – Dietary phosphate.

These signs and symptoms have escalated even more in the last 2 generations. 

The progressive weakening of each body system in each generation results in more exaggerated (clinical) health distress.

  • Lower attention span, lower discrimination and perception / articulation and intuition/ lower creativity and imagination.
  • Increased attention deficit disorders, Increased ADHD, Increased Autism which lead to:  Central Nervous System dysfunction, all behavioral problems, cognitive challenges, emotional challenges
  • Lower immune function
    • Increased stress / distress :  Physical, Emotional, Mental
    • Increased allergies – hypersensitivities, intolerance
    • Lowered resistance – infections – Eyes, Nose, Ears, Throat and Lungs
    • Increased blood disorders
    • Increased Liver disorders
    • Increased endocrine disorders

We do not need one magic pill, we need one magic principle!

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