The Articulate Addiction

Allow me to begin with a conclusion

Recognizing this condition, the Articulate Addiction, is a most high state of well-being and a conclusion of the elimination of Phosphate Intoxification.  The negative side of phosphate intoxification is a modern day plague of the human race.  As discussed in our previous blog – Our Triune Brain – the positive side is a personal realization of the body’s Crowning Glory, the full potential of the outer layer of the cerebral cortex of the human brain – beyond the Mammalian Brain.

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And now you can be one who “knows and can express everything in words” – MacLean’s Triune Brain.  An ability to complete the non-verbal world as verbal, delivering language as a primary experience, and the true power of the spoken word that touches our hearts no matter who we are or where we are.

These are cognitive benefits in correcting the effects of hidden drugs in our present day lives.

Now, to start the introduction

For most people this Articulate Addiction is an unconscious quest for meaning in our life.

It starts with a seduction in your life, a deep desire for something that may fulfill you.

So deep, as a matter of fact, that you find yourself figuratively and metaphorically wondering aimlessly around in your day to day activities:  Hoping to have a worthwhile experience.

  • Looking to see something of value
  • Listening to hear something of interest
  • Doing anything to feel better

Why is ‘so deep’ such a body brain disconnect

The Articulate Addiction Blog - Child in us -Dr. Ron Hill ChiropracticAn adult’s ability to articulate is no better than when they were children.  An adult’s ability, to articulate and formulate and ask a question is intelligence and child-like.

To articulate is to make right the path, make clear the answer, find the resolve.  This is a frontal brain function.  This is our tell-tale story.   This is the end of passion.  This is an end result of the stimulation from the biological adrenal and gonadal hormone secretion on the brain.

Who does not want to be up front?  Innocent, open, receptive and interact with or without recognition in the world?

The end of the passion is a beginning of another world…Let’s articulate, just so we can cut to the chase.  We can close the gap between us, the deeper we go.

How do you speak your feelings without deletion or exaggeration?

How do you like yourself without ego or narcissism?

Tell it to the passionate, and we may kill the flower before it blooms.  We will get energy, a great amount of energy and recognition of it, especially if we build another box. Recognition, achievement, success, failures and all that comes and goes along with that; with a name and identity is not the end game of intelligence.

There must be more to life, more to intelligence, there must be more meaning.

To realize and ‘close the gap’ – alter distance and ‘go deeper’ back, or down, in time;  as a conscious mind–body function or Body-Brain Connection.  This is a perceptual skill, a mental ability.  This brings us to a higher potential function or ability to move in a perceptual matrix – like learning to read and write all over again.

This is an ability or function that completes, rather than replaces, passion.

It becomes compassion and your ability to feel ‘the other’ as yourself. Their pain you feel, their joy and pleasure you feel.  This being the lower ‘Reptilian’ brain; and the love of and for offspring is another perceptive level of the ‘Mammalian’ brain; but, the love of each other, which is equal and in that neither one exists:  This is the ‘Human’ brain.

When one speaks, sees, hears or feels then ‘the other’ one already knows intuitively, cognitively, emotionally, physically and mentally what is being communicated; BUT, ONLY when we are aware.

When one is not aware, then language becomes a secondary experience…less than whole.

Then do you pretend otherwise and assume their lack of intelligence:  Acting with less energy or wholeness?  Or do you stay the course maintaining your uplifting awareness.

Does the description of this golden thread sound a little ‘far-fetched’ in the reality of your energy (or lack of it)?  To articulate is potentially a hidden power of awareness to open the doors of perception, to be able to control (speed up, slow, or stop time) and also study, know and perhaps ‘be’ any spatial construct as an energetic frequency.

It is simply living, the art of becoming, not becoming something or someone – ‘in a box’.

Living the process, not the content…Living awareness.

This is not unlike some child-like dream or special effects of some Hollywood blockbuster movie.  Your life is exciting and filled with enthusiasm.  Entheos, the Greek word meaning filled with God’s love.  Children have this naturally, as does the child in you.

Perhaps, I should ask, where is the radiance of your energy uplifting? …just by being in your presence.

Most dreams appeared ‘far-fetched’, but many have come true, and have become a common reality to and for us.

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