Whole Again

Simply being “CONGRUENT”… in every fibre of your being

“Saying what you mean & meaning what you say”

That a person may feel that meaning in every fibre of their being


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It is The Total Body Brain Connect within you:  In expression and communication.

To gain health & reclaim your life, we are going to braid 3 ideas together.

  1. In whatever state of being we are, is where we find our AWARENESS
  2. Which is the end of our learning; the limit of our present knowledge, and the beginning of our ARTICULATE ADDICTION for more value and meaning in our life
  3. We do this by COMMUNICATION, like going viral on the internet.

Meaning in Life through Communication Image:  Hill Chiropractic

When verbal and non-verbal cues resonate with you, a meaningful experience results:  Like when two lovers meet, the senses become heightened, the mind and body more alert and more attentive. The power of basic elements to strike a nerve, stimulating and causing a reaction, feeling or movement, is a magical moment, an elusive moment, when both the sender and receiver are in resonance, “one in the same”.

There is a period of time, a synchronicity between sender and receiver, where “the one in the same”, has now experienced an energy, like a wave, which registers its singular, unitary and now common impression on all parts of the whole, that being the sender and receiver.

This explanation is reasonable and logical, simple enough and even redundant in nature.  But it causes a dilemma.  Our attention or awareness becomes fragmented, it now has split its focus on two subjects, the sender/receiver or the new “one in the same” experience.  Two choices is a dilemma… stress or distress.

This probably equates to distress in most personalities; do I stay with who I am, feel safe and secure and “send more of the same old messages” (Reptilian Brain) or do I go with the new life, unknown energetic, paradoxically free but dependent on its sender/receiver parts. (Mammalian/ Human Brain)

Well such is life.  What you feel internally and what you experience externally has become “out of sync”.

Well, such is life that it also paradoxically supplies an answer to this dilemma.  We can only have this “one in the same” (resonance) experience in the present tense.

All roads lead to the present tense,

from the part of you that opened your eyelids when you “woke up” this morning to your heart beat that changes when you see, hear or feel something you like or dislike, love or hate.

As a matter of fact, all things are attempting to get your attention to remain present.

That does sound too simple, to have a presence of mind… “Sow Simple” then!

To gain Health is not to work harder!  Who sold us that, “the American Dream”?  This is not a hard concept, the word for this behaviour is “CONGRUENT”, you hear, say, feel and act, all in accord.

Everyone has had one or more of these experiences: effortless, graceful and enriching, that they have realized.

Everyone has these experiences all the time because we have health. However, we are not aware or remain unconscious of this state of (well) being.  All biological systems of the body are in sync and operating at their optimum with the resources that they have.  It appears that our presence of mind is subject to these body systems; but, our resources are not always complete.

Whole Again is when two or more become one – whole.

When a part and apart of you come together to work as one whole body, work or movement becomes exponentially easier.  Work smart implies being physical and mental.  Put your whole heart into it implies physical, mental and emotional.  Whole Again because the parts all come together.  And miraculously the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts, because it’s output is more or beyond the output of any of its parts.

The same applies when you and your family or community share a common interest and goal, we become one, together as a whole, and much more work gets done.

The power of you as yin and yang, male and female, husband and wife is a wholeness and has the power of creation.

And within the wholeness is the beauty (or horror) of discrimination, ability to differentiate, see, hear, feel, and live in different ways without discord.

Differences and discrimination may be a challenge for certain attitudes of man, and a source of adversity created for others.  But to gain the behavioral flexibility to resonate with any and all in nature, is a worthy personal challenge.  A discipline that more reflects devotion to understanding and appreciation, than physical fitness.

The energetic effect of an enhanced state of health tempers organ systems beyond our present comprehension.  When the heart and brain work together, it feels like we have access to the universe… and who knows?

Now, in communication we have language, as the latest ability to be developed by humans according to MacLeans Triune Brain work.  This just may suggest that adults are still learning to use their brain like children did when they learned to talk, read and write.

Adults are learning to use language as a primary experience.

Today the majority of the population uses language as a secondary experience.  Language, what you say (i.e. talking), is not a primary experience but a secondary language or experience.  It is a secondary experience that must be further investigated, explored, and elucidated to find meaning in fact.  And it is a source of confusion, belief or disbelief.

If one person has the ability to communicate or express language as a primary experience, it would appear supernatural:  When in fact, it is just the completion of brain function. This is the acquisition of the MacLean’s Triune Brain, where the ability of the frontal lobes of the brain to put any experience into (LIVING) WORDS as a primary experience, supersedes today’s current use of language.

There are signs of evolving language skills; song and music:

  1. When a singer can break crystal glass with the sound of her voice or your skin contracts and your hair stands up at the sound of certain music
  2. When two people think and say the same word at the same time, and/or complete each other’s sentences, statements, or thoughts.
  3. You already know who is calling on the phone before you pick up
  4. Not to mention, outright telepathic, clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities etc.

The acquisition of these abilities has somehow been collectively misunderstood, that they are:

  • Shrouded in mystery
  • Good or bad forces
  • Can be taught

These abilities are no different than your own health and you do not earn your health.

Exercise does not get you, your health.  If that were the case, exercise would restore your health but it does not.  In fact, you cannot exercise if you do not have your health.

Health allows you a certain level of exercise, a certain level of activity which most people use to judge their healthiness.  This is a common practice of science, medicine and religion.

Health is:  Awareness, understanding, attitude, a posture, breathing in and through experience, and stress without distress.

All faculties of the body are balances and engaged like a concert symphony creating music from the spheres for the spheres.  We read into it what we will… this may or may not be confusing, depending on your CONGRUENCY.

Here we are back to communication, nothing to learn, nothing to be taught, open, receptive and resonate in nature.

Hear, see and do, the eternal moment in every second, the challenge is not to attain but remain in this state of being… in awareness.

The primary experience, the complete function of the frontal brain, will inherently express itself when we get out of the way of ourselves…A Crowning Glory when living with heart, the heart completes the brain.

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