On Your Way to Whole Again

On Your Way to Whole Again

When you need the performance of your life to make the grade, or

When you are really, really sick or injured and

Are losing or lost hope you may realize…

 Where there is a Will

There is a Way

 Someone having a Lucid Moment

Said this, but now you may own this

…confidence, this experience!

 I am “Somebody That I Used To Know” …

Whole Again, Born Again, Again Again.

Where is it?  Where do I have to go to collect my energies…

On Your Way to Whole Again

Enter Chiropractic


 Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)_(360p)

…to get some rhythm, to find some Love and Joy, to enjoy this dance of life.  To see what’s in front of my face and also read between the lines.  Energy to light up my life that I may find my eyes to see?  Where are the signs, directions, the map to find my way to better:  Ability, Health and Life?  To see the signs Life clearly provides:  To see in you the beauty of Life.

These are questions on your way to Whole Again…  Enter Chiropractic for a helping hand.

Chiropractic is the Greek root word for “Hands Only”:  a beautiful metaphor for giving.

Chiropractic is a part and apart of my life. You need to find a chiropractor that is Right for You.  To provide for you a physical grounding, a baseline which expands your energy, health and perceptive frame of reference.  That you may know what you can do and what you potentially can do.

It is a basic intent of any chiropractor to restore your health by removing any interference to your nervous system.  He/she does this by assessment of your posture (form) and your ability to move (function).  A chiropractor reads your body language, the ‘primary language’ of your experience and is able to correct that.

Allow me to reiterate that posture is the sum-total of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual you.  It is what you think mentally, what you feel emotional, and what you do physically.  This is your attitude which is your posture and both are synonymous as defined in the dictionary.

You cannot, not do, any one of these functions:  They are primary, they are you. 

They are always happening, they do not stop happening, and only you can change what is happening, when happening, through you.

How can Chiropractors help you be Whole Again, your way?  Chiropractors do what chiropractors do; they adjust the spine and pelvis of your body.  How you use your body is your way.

The experience of a chiropractic adjustment is

  • controversial for some people
  • discombobulating for others
  • ecstatic for others
  • elating for some
  • painful for some

It is a memorable experience, definitely impressionable, as profound or more, than drugs because there is no language to explain it.  It is on the level of primary experience, an unconscious reset at the Body-Brain level.

The chiropractic adjustment is cavitation!  The introduction of a vacuum into the body, by the process of cavitation, sounds appalling, beyond comprehension and seemingly of no consequence.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Chiropractors do what others will not, and they do this fearlessly. Day in and day out… “They crack you up”… ha ha…What better metaphor can you have for health?  Humour!  Laughter is a very strong medicine remedy for what ails you.

They rock your world, they give you an opportunity, to sing a new song, to tell a different story, stand tall and taller, and walk the line with more grace… and so on.

But seriously, I do not know why serious tends to rule, except that we need to indulge all parts of the mind.

A person’s decision to make a change means there must be a new adjustment in their lives.  The treatment again, begins metaphorically and physically with the chiropractic wholistic approach and adjustment.

The adjustment is a Neurological “Pattern Interrupt”:  with both intrinsic and extrinsic body effects. A pattern interrupt is a neurolinguistic program term describing a particular technique/method for changing human behaviour:  Understanding nerve and brain language or body brain connections in behaviour, Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder established their NLP (Neurolinguistic Program) therapy.

Enter the Dragon of Health Care!

Enter Chiropractic!

Chiropractic with the adjustment, “The Intrinsic Crack”:  Cavitation.  This is the biological vacuum, an extrinsic physiological reset button that restores balance of the body’s energies.

I invite you to improve the quality of your life by the means of chiropractic.

Chiropractic is intimately related to the Brain and CNS function and restoration of your health.

Using the bones as levers, adjustment of the joints of the spine and body, not only improves joint alignment and range of motion, it optimizes and regulates all tissue systems involved, including muscle, connective, ligament, tendon, bone, lymphatic, circulatory and nervous.  This mechanism of action is the process called cavitation.

Cavitation is the skilled separation of the joint space which creates a vacuum in the joint space. Nature (the body) promptly fills this space with gas. The gas is nitrogen which comes out of solution from the surrounding fluids, to fill this vacuum:  This is the crack sound.  The next step is followed by a second movement where the fluids then follow the air into the joint space.  This restores circulation to the joint which removes inflammation, pain and dysfunction.

On the more extrinsic body physiology changes, I invite you to hear another voice of authority.

Dr. Ronald Pero, a medical geneticist, researcher and professor at New York University published research in 1986.  His research states that chiropractic adjustments increase human immune function in the body by 400% when seriously ill, and 200% when normal and healthy.  This is a phenomenal fact considering pharmaceutical drugs, which have side effects, only increase immune efficiency to a maximum of 20%.[1]

You may begin to appreciate that much of chiropractic, or maybe more accurately, most of chiropractic has been thoroughly researched scientifically.

On your way to Whole Again, what better way to start.

What Qualities of Life Change when our Immune System Improves.

Physical Qualities:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Coordination

These are qualities of movement, static and dynamic posture.  These are qualities of organ function and metabolism.

Mental Qualities:

  • Memory
  • Reason
  • Intuition
  • Perception
  • Imagination
  • Logic

These are qualities of working smart.  Quantities are subject to goal setting (what you do).  Qualities are subject to the manner in which you do things (how you do what you do).

Whole Again, Born Again-New,  A Gain Again

A gain in efficiency of our abilities does not unlearn what we learned.  But, it does get us to a point in our (habitual) conditioned life, where we have an opportunity to introduce to our self (habits of) unconditioned responses such as love and grace.  A conditional life to an unconditional life, stress without distress.  A gain in sensory feedback is:

  • A gain in finding resolve… in what we may be, have and do with our life.
  • A gain in seeing… the difference by discrimination in what we choose to do.
  • A gain because… we can now see beauty in Life, in others and self in any circumstance.
  • A gain because… we can now listen and hear what people say, mean and feel.
  • A gain because… our passion/compassion is expanding, life is exciting and enthusiastic.

To see what others may not, to tell others what they have not heard or may not like to hear and do what others would not, fearlessly, is what you can do when you put your whole heart intuit.  (Congruency)

This is a life that may inspire hope.

This is a new quality of becoming Whole Again, with adjustments, pattern interrupts and recognizing yourself as “Somebody that I Used to Know”

The synergistic effect of “cavitation/vacuum” as a neurological Pattern Interrupt on the nervous system may be as immense as outer space is to planet Earth.

The internal reflects what we are living externally in our environment and gives us the means to physically reorganize or create something new. 

  • Turn your stumbling block into your stepping stone – It is your unconscious speaking directly with you:  Direct non-verbal/verbal communication.
  • Your health will always be true to you – Follow your personal Articulate Addiction and work through what comes to you by your Body Brain Disconnection/Connection.
  • Better feedback – leads to more confident adjustments of your behaviour/actions, fine tuning your abilities.

Start with quality in your life, congruency in communication, and make your moments more memorable.

Silence speaks louder than words, especially from chiropractic’s humble origins.  It is a proud Canadian heritage, when in 1895 D.D. Palmer’s adjustment of a deaf man, Harvey Lillard, restored his hearing.  The “crack” – the cavitation– that day was but a mere echo of what followed personally for both Harvey and the rest of mankind.

I know you have issues and you will address them sooner or later It is your health, your abilities, your life– medicated or not.

On your way to Whole Again:  What better way to start. 

Improve the quality of your Life with Chiropractic Care.  Know yourself as “Somebody That I used to Know”

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[1] Dr. Ronald Pero –  www.drpasswater.com , www.demosschiropractic.com


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