Mother’s Milk – Zero Point Nutrition

Let’s start at the beginning…Your Beginning, My Beginning, Our Beginning

It was the one and only food we needed at that time. It was a special super function and growth time of our life.

Why drink milkWe consumed this human milk raw at body temperature and it was optimally balanced with nutrients:  macronutrients – protein, fat, (Complex glyconutrients) carbohydrates and micronutrients – vitamins and minerals.

We could start with the accidental discovery of a 10 amino acid, decapeptide (Mother’s Milk) protein that removes drugs (like valium) from brain receptor sites and induces sleep in adults but we are not.  Infants don’t need medication to sleep because they have Mother’s milk protein (decapeptide).  Mother Nature provides a stronger alternative to sleep medication.

More basic, let’s talk about minerals:  Enzyme cofactors, the keys to cell energy, function and growth.  The most basic mineral ratio balance may be the calcium and phosphorous.

The primary functions of calcium and phosphorous are:

Calcium functions

  • Blood and cell PH – Acid-base balance
  • Transport of nutrients in and out of the cell-membrane transport

Phosphorous functions

  • ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate – the basic unit of energy
  • DNA / RNA nucleotides – the 4 base nucleotides
  • Cell membrane structure – phospholipids  is the double layer of fat lining the cell membrane

These minerals govern absolute essential functions of all cells, which maintain homeostasis.  They must work in a balanced ratio.  The Calcium : Phosphorus (Ca:P) ratio in Mother’s Milk is 1:1 [1]

It has been reported by Dr. David L Watts – PhD, that in the North American general adult population, the optimal Ca:P ratio is at 1:2.6. [2]

This difference may or may not be of significance because the current North American Standard diet does not reflect these values in their food consumption.  It appears to be much more phosphorous dominant than the 1:1 or 1:2.6, Calcium: Phosphorous ratios.

Dairy, meat and eggs are commonly consumed daily, if not at every meal, in North America.  Consumption is usually under the pretense, or myth that we need our protein and calcium and this is the best source.

BabyThe problem arises when human consumption of milk switches from human milk to dairy or cow’s milk.  The Ca:P ratio is 1:6 for this animal species.  Curiously enough human babies with 1:1 ratio gain15lbs in a year and calves gain approximately 100 lbs in a year, which is a1:6 ratio

The average person may think that they now have a reason why they have gained weight.  Or they can lose weight by exercising more and cutting back or cutting out dairy.  It would probably help, but this situation can be more insidious.

Dairy is 1:6 ratio, but meat is more, and red meat is the most unbalanced at 1:30.  Now, we have the scales being heavily tipped in favour of Phosphorous.

Enter the body brain disconnect

You eat dairy, meat and eggs for calcium and protein and you have (much more) or very plentiful amounts of nutrients…but the brain says optimum zero point nutritional Ca:P ratio balance is 1:1 and we have just consumed copious amounts in excess, 1:6 to 1:30 at numerous meals.

The brain screams at the bones, “Give us calcium (ions) to keep the balance 6:6, 30:30 etc…to keep the 1:1 ratio balance!”  Every meal, every day, every week etc…too ad nauseaum.

Now the Brain has restored a 1:1 (as 6:6 or 30:30 etc.) ratio etc., but it is in a calcium/phosphorous excess.  There is way too much calcium now in the “soft tissue”. Calcium is stored in the bones; it is what makes bones hard; hard tissue, hard and it will make soft tissue hard too.

Now, the body is stressed with excess calcium in the soft tissue which begins to harden or increase soft tissue density, and decrease soft tissue elasticity.  We begin to see this in many organ systems.  As the body is stressed, the body protects itself with inflammation.

Inflammed Shoulder Man

  • Heart and Cardiovascular system
    • Hardening of the arteries, decreased micro circulation
    • Increased blood pressure
    • Strokes and myocardial infarctions
  • Brain and Central Nervous System – aneurysms, degenerative sclerosis
  • Gallbladder – stones
  • Kidney – stones
  • Muscles – fibromyalgia, rheumatism
  • Joints – Arthritis

The medical approach is medication to treat the symptoms, but this does not address the cause.  As well, medicine / drugs are acidic in nature which further stresses organ-systems, weakening the body.

We, the “patient”, need to take responsibility.

Yet we continue to consume excess amounts of dairy, meat, eggs and related foodstuffs under the pretense/myth we need Calcium and Protein etc.

Cows do not drink milk and they make milkEat Green! 

Hill Chiro Vegetables

Nature’s plant kingdom mineral balances return animal tissues to optimal mineral balanced ratios.

If nature can do this for cows, it is likely nature will do this for humans.

If nature can alter maternal chemistry and physiology to optimize function and growth and produce nutrients/nutrition in an optimal balance to promote and maintain health (within that species); It is worth of our attention, understanding and appreciation, that we live and eat by nature’s intrinsic inborn balances.

Sow simple in your daily eating habits.

Have an EIS Body Scan check the status of your microcirculation and 70 other physiological functions.


[1] Hidden Drug – Dietary Phosphate

[2] Trace Elements Newsletter Vol 21 Nov-Dec 2010 HTMA Mineral Ratios – A brief discussion of their clinical importance

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