Back to Basics for your Life

Bee On A FlowerWe need 5 things to Live & Be Healthy

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. EMF – Electromagnetic Frequency – Sun, earth, moon & stars
  5. Rest & Exercise

These are the things you can’t live without.  Today, it is a challenge to get these 4 things in a natural unadulterated form.

Let’s start with Food | Food Facts for your Reality Check

Dr. Shiv Chopra makes bold statements in his book Corrupt to the Core.  These statements are about the status of the average Canadian’s health, and negligence of Health Canada addressing this problem.  He observed, exposed and publicly stated that Health Canada is (criminally) negligent / in violation of its mandate, which is:

  • By law, to enforce the Food and Drug Act
  • To prove/ approve all foods to be safe for human consumption

There are 5 products / classes of foods that have NOT been approved in our market place today.

  1. Hormones
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Slaughterhouse waste
  4. Pesticides
  5. GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms

By definition, if these products are not in the food, the food is organic!

Stay away from manufactured food!!!

In the interest of keeping this blog less than a book, I will include highlights only and follow-up with more in-depth discussion in future blog posts.

“The production of synthetic pesticides alone increased from 730 million pounds in 1962 to 1,158 million pounds in 1972, an increase of nearly 60% in 10 years. In addition to pesticides, there are fungicide, herbicides, desiccants, rodenticides, and all manner of molecular combinations for which nature has never evolved a suitable disposable system.  Mosca computes that 1000 million pounds of these genetic chemicals presented the same danger to the American people as would an annual atomic fallout from 72,500 atomic bombs, type Hiroshima” [1]

You may note numerous previous blogs reviewing the book The Hidden Drug- Dietary Phosphate which talks about the devastating health effects of our times.  This book was written almost 40 years ago.

A present day search on the internet, to bring you up to date, shows that pesticide use (organophosphates) has increased 600% this past decade and now 6.6 Billion lbs are being used annually.

Every year more pesticides are produced and used, with the reason that pests mutate and adapt.  This is hard to believe when pesticides are designed to kill living organisms.  Humans are part of the food chain and are undeniably and categorically getting sick acutely and chronically.

Termite ControlThe chemical industry has effectively opposed major changes in pesticide use and safety.  This is in spite of 200,000 articles that are on the Medline database

  • Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) re-evaluation of existing pesticides, effects on human health and environment, high toxicity and widespread use, their known and potential effects especially on the CNS, Reproductive System and Immune System.
  • National Toxicology Program (NTP) and its evidence that “Body Burdens” of specific chemicals vary accordingly and tremendously across the population.
  • Research (Medical/University) on Phosphorylation alone reveals organophosphates interfere with 500 human enzymes/proteins/receptors.  Research has been extensive with reports of more than 6000 phosphorylation sites being effected in one process involving epidermal (skin) growth factor

Phosphorylation is the addition of a phosphate (PO34) group to a protein.  This increases molecular and cell mass.  Secondly, the hydrophobic protein portion becomes extremely hydrophilic.  These phosphorus/phosphates can negatively affect protein/enzymes.  This can be a hazard, in that it changes protein from its natural state of hating water to loving water.  This newly created protein/phosphate molecule attracts and retains the water, causing a ‘bloated’ cell (i.e. water retention).  This is another source of weight and mass gain.  Not a bad product if quantity was the only factor; unfortunately, the product quality suffers.  This newly created molecule has lost it’s original protein function.

Now, with all this attention, information, energy, research, money and effort, how is this not common knowledge to us the consumer?

This is in reference to the product quality and safety to our health; that consumers, by market principles of supply and demand, control the outcome of these product sales.

Black and white image of a child being abused and silencedIt is reasonable and logical to understand that there are industry secrets, vested interests, political cover-ups, media misinformation and more.  All the compartments, at all levels of food production, distribution and consumption need to be addressed.

It all starts with you – you and your family’s health.  It is important what you eat and what you don’t eat.  This is fundamental, paramount and essential because these “Body Burdens” will rob you of your ability to think, question, act, and even physically move (with or without pain).

Organophosphates are a good place to start. The massive volume and widespread use of this and other chemicals has totally saturated our environment…Humans, at the top of the food chain, will fall the farthest.  But then again, if everybody’s brain function is diminished, nobody notices! …Back to our pollution of our environment.

  • Our water supply (ground water) is said to have 5000 contaminants present
  • Our air supply is not only inundated with organophosphates.

 “A 2005 study of lactating women in 18 different U.S. States found perchlorate (a toxic component of rocket fuel) in practically every mother’s breast milk.” – Randall Fitzgerald – The Hundred Year Lie

  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution is a trillion times more than it has ever been in the history of the planet.

My goal this year is not just to provide you information for you to gain back or improve your present health.  I want to close the gap of misunderstanding the source of your illness, or lack of health, and help guide you towards your optimal health.

Ultimately through this information process we can build a network to foster closer relationships with neighbors, community, and local businesses (as an infrastructure) so that we can increase our availability and access to healthier products. This is a two-way communication that is mutually beneficial to all parties.  Let’s share information to obtain this healthy goal.


[1] Minerals for the Genetic Code, by Charles Walters (p.35)

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