A Thought About Pain

Or An Unconscious Thought…Provoking Pain

Upset childIt has occurred to me that only the innocent have pain and suffering.

Everybody has had pain; I am saying there is a part of you that will always remain innocent.  I am talking to and about your innocence.

It is your innocence that gives you your pain.  It is a gift from the innocent part of you to make a truly congruent change in your life.  That is because it is the only part of you that has no vested interest in who you (think) you are!

When all the other parts of you have finally acknowledged that the most vulnerable and purest part of you has been violated, you may sincerely all act in accord to make changes in your life.

Then all the parts of you (like society & human politics), the ignorance, the denial, the lies, the reasons, the logic and the memories become quiet because you are about to lose your innocence, your soul, your purpose, your will to live freely in life.

We humans universally tend to live optimally in the innocence of love.

So the power of pain reigns true, and all powerful, to set your life right.

“Hope may be a light, and faith the tools and pathway, to find your unique way.  But the unconscious thought or unforeseen event in your life is a gift to the conscious, provoking pain and change by unity of your whole being.”

It is a valuable, noble and honorable act to remain/ maintain innocence in your life and others.  This is not to be mistaken for content in a person’s life, but the process, the attitude, the freedom, the deed without debt, or power, control and manipulation attached.

Little boy leaning out of a train window

It is not how much you give, but the quality of what you give.  You cannot give what you do not have, so get quality in your Life.  Pain, performance and goal setting are one built into our body’s self-regulating system – Use it!

It is worthy of your time and diligence.  Walk in another’s shoes, listen to your body and new thoughts…to know and be of true service to yourself and others.


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