Pain, Performance and Goal Setting

A Happy New Year’s Resolution

Keep your eye on the roadWhere are you now and where do you want to be…

…in one month, one year, one decade, or simply just in this moment.

How about living a quality of life that so far supersedes your expectation of having or doing something…that its’ exhilarating energy moves you into a world (within this world) to a new reality.  A world of true health & happiness that you with a new spirit.  A spirit that enables you to move in the world with a new appreciation.

How about finding or discovering the positive side of pain, appreciating your performance in the purest sense, enlightening the least in you.

How about surrounding yourself with a complete understanding, a fullness & enrichment of the most meaningful experiences to protect, support and deliver to life’s full potential.  Life’s potential for us, beyond our imagination.

Step 1 :  The first and last step – the science and talk around town.  If energy follows thought…prove it.  Prove it every day, every hour, every minute.

You are spirit:  Learn to live it, see it, hear it, feel it, like the wind.

Now, thought is the smallest physical part of you, and technology today can detect and measure this.  So how much do you honour yourself?

How much are you aware of your thought(s) and to what measure?

  • A fleeting moment
  • An incidental or coincidental passing
  • A wish
  • A doubt
  • A negative bitterness or anger
  • A desire
  • A full out passion

Who can stand behind a thought wholly until the end of time?  A time when the mountains move, and the sun & moon stands still?  Who Can’t? Pain can and will be the positive potential to move you to the end of your universe.

Pain will wake you up.

Time to Listen_Dr. Ron Hill Chiropractic

Both you and I see this every day around us, when people, even our friends and family, are suffering from accidents or illness.

Pain is a Power, it is an emotional response.  It is an emotional response, to wake us up. A spirited heart response to complete your brain:  To move your world.  It is not here for us to hide from or escape.  It is here to help us to find something we lost, to discover, uncover a part of us that we have not acknowledged or appreciated.  This is reflective in us and reflected to us in our external relationships.

Sometimes it hurts us or others to behave in certain manners or to make changes.

Sometimes it pains you, but change may be necessary.  So, who is to say?  Except and accept we endure, learn patience and appreciation of a thought to its fruition.

Now, to the point about your quality of life:  If you have NOT whole heartily applied yourself to your life…there will be a part of you that has been neglected, not appreciated in some manner and this imbalance or biological injustice will be rectified by pain & suffering in one or more of its many forms.

Sooner or later we will have to ‘face the music’…be made to pay attention.

Pain, like death, is a force, a reckoning or awakening to address issues for your benefit.

There is not choice in this matter, pain is pain, is pain.  It is your guide, to keep your life and you will do what is necessary to not have pain.

In some cases you may meet your maker and maybe if you pay attention closely and remember you may even stay consciously connected to your maker.  What a thought!

Most people appear to experience pain, repetitively…for some reason.  Apparently repetition is logically necessary for learning purposes, or because there is a weak memory of the creators connection.

No matter what the reason…

Pain has a powerful purpose, and that is to put purpose into your physical performance.

…then you will know matter.

Now, you have a choice, pain or performance.

Put your whole heart and all parts of your being, into your performance, in what you do, or pain will continue to chastise you.  It’s a dilemma, this or that choice.

Somehow humans appear to accommodate to the pain of performance.

No amount of counseling and therapy, drugs, herbs, vitamins and minerals…or even adjustments of the spine, will help, until you change your ways.

Pain is your true and faithful guide to keep your life and live your potential.

Pain in and of itself can stimulate the brain (the body’s very own chemistry lab) to produce all the pain killers (endorphins, eukelphalins, and others) that the body may need.

To fear, be anxious, doubt, wish, desire, get angry about pain is the wrong response, wrong thought…wrong action.  It is ‘stinking thinking’ facilitating bad habits and/addictions.

Pain, when given the respect it deserves, will clear the mind and still the body:  Empower the experience to correct your ways, perceptions and the Body Brain Disconnections.

Pain remains a true a guide to man’s Crowning Glory when living with heart.  The  spirited heart response completes the brain.

Senior Man

By breath, we breathe with and through pain, the manner unique like yourself.

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