Food Quality is related to Soil Quality: GMO Destroys Both

Plants and SoilFood quality is related to soil quality:  GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Destroys Both

“In a nutshell, herbicides are chelators that form a barrier around specific nutrients, preventing whatever life form is seeking to utilize that element from utilizing it properly”

 It affects plants, soil (microbes) and animals/humans

“The nutritional efficiency of genetically engineered (GE) plants is profoundly compromised.  Micro-nutrients such as iron, manganese and zinc can be reduced by as much as 80-90% in genetically engineered plants”

This means that the soil and animal/human gut bacteria (beneficial) are also compromised.

This translates to poor health!


  • Poor digestion and major stomach problems
  • Depressed liver function (the liver has 500 known functions)
  • Depressed immune function (i.e. colds, flu, allergies…poor health/low energy)


Zinc is an enzyme co-factor which has 200-300 enzyme functions related to the above three major health challenges along with any HEALING IN THE Body.


  • Nerve nutrition – any/all nerve symptoms – stress, tension, moods, irritability, sensitive to sun/bright lights, headaches and brain challenges.
  • Water metabolism – swelling, inflammation, bloating, joint stiffness, aches, pain, arthritis, kidney, stress, etc.
  • Energy metabolism – related to energy production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)  from Krebs’s cycle in every cell in the body…”just got shut down” FATIGUE


Manganese is the enzyme co-factor for the B vitamins which is responsible for the above health challenges.


  • Blood disorders – anemia, fatigue, etc.

Iron (Fe)

Iron (Fe) is the mineral co-factor, the blood protein hemoglobin, which is used to fix/bind and carry oxygen to tissues.

With the depletion of just these 3 minerals, MANY signs and symptoms of illness appear.  There are others not included here.

Interview with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Huber

The Ecology of Disease – How Environmental Sustainability Can Make or BReak Animal and Human Health – Article by Dr. Mercola

What can you do about this?

  • Read labels
  • Ask and demand non-GMO foods
  • Take non-GMO mineral supplements to replace plant deficiencies that are widespread, especially here in North America

Remember these GMO products are feed for plants and animals. This information is not reported to you when you consume a nice juicy steak, or even “healthy” food (Vegetarian/Vegan – i.e. soy, corn, sugar beets, alfalfa, potatoes, peas, etc)

Caution pesticidesThe active lethal ingredient in Roundup®  is glyphosate.  This is in the food chain like DDT was in the 60’s-80 (and still is, even when its use has been banned). Avoid it like the plague!

Strengthen your resistance!  Don’t weaken it.



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