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Who is oblivious?

You are! … I am! … We are!!

It is amazing how LITTLE changes…

In relationships your spouse is your spouse, your kids are your kids and your parents…well…they are your parents.

It is your life and nothing appears to change yet everything changes.  Everything changes BIG all the time because we have feelings or we don’t.

When your feelings well up inside you, you feel an overwhelming engorgement – big, strong, able, full of life to a place where you want, really want to give and take any experience.  It becomes hunger for any or every body part.  It is a preparation.

It will become romance and drama in your social life.

In your physical life, it will become flaring nostrils, dilating pupils, flushing complexion, swelling full lips, salivating mouth, your appetite grows, your constitution strengthens, your muscles tone up, your heart pounds stronger, your mind becomes focused, quiet, observant…very, very, very big changes in every part of your body, sensuality/sexuality.

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Fear and anxiety shuts this down…yes, to a cold, controlled and less than hard reality.

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Hear, here we live or believe we live in this more or less predictable controlled environment…

Oblivious to our fabricated social structure and oblivious to our physical posture while tending to our daily work and its stressors.

Oblivion is here all around us.  Our lack of health or someone we know with serious illness will undo our unconscious oblivious autopilot.

We may realize that our conscious program is to do, do, do, but nothing changes. There is something missing, lacking, nothing changes without emotion and meaning.  And emotions change nothing without our action, doing and behaviour.  Such is our new conscious program, not to do, but to choose to allow our own unconscious revealing, or quickening if you will.

This is a revealing of our own feelings, resources and resolutions; a personal revelation…physical to social.

Stop responding to stressors by recognizing the error of the way of the oblivious person…You.

This is a true egoless act of power, compassion and true healing, all in one.

This choice is the beginning and end of fear and anxiety, stress and illness.  This choice is a state of being, beyond a mental thought, idea/ideal, or physical fitness.  It is the power of emotion to set you free of limitations, laws, rules and regulations: oblivion!

Part II – Self-Denial


Such is our conscious program; every day, morning and night, or at any MOVING moment where we may experience an opportunity to exercise a decision, a choice to become whole, healed and more grounded in ourselves.

This feat, an egoless centering trip (journey), is accomplished by a faith or trust in our source, an acknowledgement of being… physical with energetic unconscious resources/resourcefulness.

The choice may end fears and anxieties, but not the relentless excuses why you cannot succeed.  All the reasons, logic, memories and old ways challenging you, you the new yet undefined you.

Such is the fire-passion/compassion/wisdom, the emotional burden and tempering process: the fire challenging you to engage your intuitive, creative and perceptive powers.  The fire to fix the present tense, in fact, that the external social oblivion may enlighten the internal personal oblivion and vice-versa.

The fire essential for collapsing self denial and any social pre-tense.

The fire ensures the arrival of humility, sincerity and honesty into the present tense.

P.S. For the Science Geeks Only

The fire reconstructs the harmony of within and without as a connection of one and the same element; a consistent congruent communication, a universal resonant frequency, a universe resonance, etc.

Fractally Yours,

A fellow science Geek

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