Lost Together: The Path to Resourcefulness.

Health is one way to escape the death grip of our education and cultural myths.

Blue Rodeo – “Lost Together”:  Background music for your reading pleasure

Blue Rodeo – “Lost Together”


Sir Ken Robinson delivers an expose of the irony that “No Child Be Left Behind” [2], a legislation policy which has been translated into a reality of “Millions of children left behind”.

In health…

this translates in to much stress, hardship, pain and suffering, less quality of life in adulthood and less than golden years in retirement, if retirement is possible.

Robinson describes ‘3 Principles of Flourishing’ or ‘Conditions of Thriving Culturally’.

The human traits to base education on are

1. Humans are Naturally Different and Diverse

  • Unfortunately education today is based on conformity.

2. Humans are Naturally Curious

  • Curiosity and individuality stimulates humans  (i.e. it is the engine of achievement)
  • The de-professionalized teacher has unknown infinite costs (i.e. professionals are not a cost, it’s an investment)
  • Professionals are trained to mentally stimulate (i.e. provoke students to engage in learning).
  • Teaching and learning is their job, not testing (i.e. standards are to support learning and compliance

3.  Humans are Naturally Imaginative and Creative

  • But from a culture of standardization/conformity the classroom must have discretion to encourage creativity
  • Education is not a mechanical system, it’s a human “unique” system – personal, professional, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the box (alternatives).

A leader’s role in true leadership is ‘NOT COMMAND and CONTROL’; it is ‘CLIMATE/ENVIRONMENT CONTROL’.  

In creating or allowing a climate of possibility, people will rise to achieve a lot, and to do all sorts of things that we do not anticipate, and could not have expected.

This educational information was based on Finland’s system, considered the world’s best education program, with no student dropouts.

The Health Care System can take a lesson from this information, in that every patient is unique, as is their health condition and presenting complaint.

How do standard drugs work?  The foot size does not indicate the shape of the orthotic mold.

The doctor-patient relationship is education for both parties.  Education from the Latin root word Educo is to induce, draw out.

This implies the resources already exist, and what we need is our RESOURCEFULNESS.


Blue Rodeo – “Lost together” – Video Link

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