Your Mail: World Guide and Health Report

What are you doing with your mail?…

HillChiroBlog_YouGotMail_MaleFemale…Books, Magazines, Journals, Reports, News, Internet, YouTube, E-Mail, Movies, Entertainment, Friends & Family…The information that comes to you.  It can be overwhelming.

There is a part of you that is male, if you believe acupuncture has any validity.  There are also women that say the male can be overwhelming at times.

The information that you have become aware of, that has (caught/captured) your attention, is all that matters for you today!

It dominates your life because it pervades throughout your being and directly or indirectly influences all your physical activities, thoughts and feelings of the day and what you will do socially.

It becomes Revolution (the movie), and accelerates our use and development of technology (or not), to survive and be, have, do paradise on this planet.  This has become a fading or a glimmer of light or hope in our present day world.

It may become a crazy personal vendetta or simply a huge act of terrorism.  We know the frequencies of these actions are on the rise, but to what end.

Your lack of health will undo your autopilot.  You will begin to read your mail, your male side, your information in a new way.  You will, because you already know what the outcome of the old way is…misery, suffering and death, that is unhappiness.  More doctors and drugs, more social stress, even police attention and control…perhaps even less liberty and freedom, or the feeling of such.

You will begin to appreciate your male and the male side in a new way.  New is fresh, exhilarating, a little scary and yet exciting; not easy or predictable, but meaningful.

Your mail, your information, your energy funneled into realization…is a reality, and it only appears FIXED.

Do you think…your world is safe…it is an illusion.

Maybe this is dreaming, but it feels like a memory.

Your male, our mail/male, my male:  I’m not him.  Then I find I am not my self, but I have loved him, you, self forever.

New is not knew and info wars may just be a true planet prison until it is not.

Information has become a corporate tool to capture and hold your attention.  Remember we/you are male/mail, the medium which fixes our reality and life.

Remember to embrace and welcome overwhelming information…it is a personal and humanity challenge to get results; healthy, environmental and sustainable are all in one.


It is not a single hero who is going to correct our world, our health, our environment. It will take the connection between us, our mail/male to keep it safe/protected, to keep it healthy/happy and to keep it clean, pristine and unpolluted.

It is every one personally connected to the same quality of life that will accomplish this.

This is a safe, healthy, unpolluted life without rules and regulations and loss of liberties and freedom.  Your mail, health report – healed, News report – peace prevails, nature’s worst weather report – storm subsides…depends on how your/our male is FIXED or not.

Healing is Wholistic, a process of becoming whole.  Becoming whole implies the same quality of life…connecting all the dots.  Each individual dot having a different experience of the same quality nonetheless has an access to the full experience and its benefits…

Not unlike all the cells of your body.

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