Solitude Matters: The Epiphany of Seekers

Winter landscapeWhen one mistake or misfortune prevails upon you, you are now lost – A why in the road.

You are lost until you recognize, learn and know what happened to your attention in your moment of misfortune when that miss take response that you made to stress, changed your life.

Remembering that it is not stress that causes distress, only your response to stress, that can and will challenge your reality.

Now, begins your path to/of resourcefulness to recognize oblivion, your being oblivious, and your self-denial.  It is your ability to recognize and restore your energy, strength & balance.

You become lost together when you seek help.  The purpose of this connection is again for both of you to find a path where you recognize oblivion, your being oblivious and self-denial. Otherwise the experience of your unique mistake will repeat itself.

People are looking for answers to their questions about their health and health care.  The answer to their question is in their question and experience.  The unique solutions to problems come from the individuals’ own resources and resourcefulness.

Susan Cain states in her Ted Talk “The power of introverts” [1]

One third to one half the population have predominantly introvert, creative and leadership qualities.  When put into challenging circumstances respond to stimulation by maximizing their creative talents.

The ideal student is not an extravert.  It is the introvert who has better grades, is more knowledgeable, delivers better outcomes and allows others to produce without interference or excitement.

They are not shy or loners.  Yet, mirroring others in the group or environment, in solitude, in solo flights of thought allows unique solutions to arise.

Times are changing for the role model in the West.  In the past America admired the man of action vs. the man of contemplation.  They valued the culture of character originally, inner fortitude and moral rectitude.

Now the agrarian culture to Big ‘city’ Business requires a culture of personality, one of magnetism, charisma, a great salesman, how to win friends and influence people.

From the man who does not offend my superiority (Ralph Waldo Emerson), to the new role model of a man that needs to prove themselves.

IT is no wonder and not by chance that we require both the best talkers vs. best ideas.

Social skills are still important and we need teamwork to teach love and trust.  This needs to be balanced by more freedom to introverts to be themselves, solitude matters like the air we breathe to brainstorm unique solutions to our health problems/issues/conditions.

How does this apply to chiropractic care?

The social collaboration of our male/female abilities, extravert/introvert talents and the exponential expansion of technological intelligence are breathing new life and hope into better managing our health issues.

The uniqueness of chiropractic care definitely fits this model reinforcing innate abilities and helping each individual to realize their potential.

Your unique path to resourcefulness.



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