The Social Impact on the Triune Brain


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The Social Impact on the Triune Brain

From philosophy of Why….to…Why Not. 

From psychology of Why we…why we Cheat

From the physiology of Why…Why changing your physiology can make a difference.

All disciplines in the walk of life are challenged and excited by the invitation to experience a social impact.

As all body systems are challenged when we express ourselves, the social impact is/was/becomes a unique special meaning.  It becomes identifiable in our physiology as well as our behaviour socially.  The social impact has special meaning.  It is unique socially and personally.

Simply to have, be, and do, special meaning perplexes us at times.  Emotions are the basis of our motivation and commitment.  They are the physiological driver, the driver that changes the brain’s wiring.

When we put our whole heart, that is 110%, into our effort and expression, we will appreciate the experience more.  We will galvanize this experience, positive or negative, it becomes memorable.

Emotions are the difference that makes the difference in the qualities of our lives.  Understanding needs and the science of achievement are also important, but the art of fulfillment is emotional.

What it is that moves you and motivates you, is one thing; but, if your emotions are not right enough to get you through, to get you creative enough for resolution, then they BLOCK you.

Failure is not from a lack of resources…it is a lack of resourcefulness.

It is ultimately emotion and psychological strength to complete the task.

The ultimate power is an emotional decision.  Decision shapes (produces) destiny by focusing on meaning… special meaning.  It is what you value/love in life.  Your target shapes you and you uncover it.

In order to understand your resourcefulness and significant meaning, explore your web – your brain.  And your ability to really appreciate what is driving other people, their needs, beliefs, values, lies and more, will present itself. You may have more to give than you initially realized; not by doing more, but by being more explicit, exempting (ourselves from) lies, marginalizing self-deception.  We do this by not forfeiting character and integrity.  Transparency or clear intention with social integrity and public trust is a choice to live in public honestly.  This is a great challenge and adventure.

Our needs may be certainty, uncertainty, significant connection, love, growth by something to give, and to contribute beyond self.

These may vary according to individual personality and spirituality.

Special Meaning and psychological strength is currently mapped out in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) studies of the brain.

Helen Fisher states,

Why we love and have special meaning is more than an emotion, and a series of emotions; it is stronger. It is a drive, a motor of the mind/brain to want, crave and win promotion. [1]

Tango in Buenos Aires

She further outlines it is elevated dopamine in the brain, which does three things.

  1. Focuses energy on the thing, event, idea; it increases emotion intensity, craving, dependence, mood swing/surge, intense elation and sexual possessiveness
  2. Intensifies motivation to obsession  in the service of others ‘in flow’
  3. Total obsession where one would kill/die for love, lose your sense of self/possesses you where you always think of the other

This FMRI brain mapping is the same as a rush of cocaine through the brain.  This dopamine system is the most powerful mechanism for great joy or great sorrow.

In the Triune Brain

  1. The sex drive (lower brain – reptilian) – ‘the lower territorial brain is but a ‘a neural itch’/ a lust, probably to allow humans to sort through a range of partners with a variety of values
  2. The Romantic love (mid brain – mammalian) – the focus is mating, to find and expend energy on one mate.  Romantic Love is an addiction (wonderful or horrible) as described as focus, motivation and obsession above.  Elevated dopamine levels which are spiking are a potential for experiencing orgasms.  Now this also may be good or bad (hate to use those terms).  The experience of orgasms with a partner strengthens the addiction, the craving for more – the love that you value.  Now the catch 22 is this person may not be compatible with you in many other ways, emotionally or intellectually.  This may be your wife or life companion or just casual sex, regardless, you are falling in love, and if incompatible you are hooked into a life of misery – stress.
  3. The Deep Attachment Love-Devotion (upper brain – human divine) – Secondly, the orgasm triggers a cascade of other hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin which facilitates ‘a cosmic union feeling’ one that encourages deep attachment and tolerance for a partner.  This sounds like happily ever after.

Holding hands couple

And as Helen Fisher has so elegantly stated in her TedTalk [1] “Why we Love, Why we Cheat” , you may be in love with different people at once for different needs (3 brains), as a result of decisions that have shaped your destiny and created your addictions.  It may be a concern that this committee meeting of one or more intimate partners or the casual sex that can become real love.   But, it is a far greater concern about antidepressant drugs, prescribed for these problems, which have surpassed 100 million in the U.S.

These drugs, increase serotonin, decrease dopamine and kill the sex drive.  ‘A world without Love’ is a deadly place to live.

 “I think the happiness we find, we make” – Helen Fisher


What can we do?

Discovering our human problem solving potential, men and women have different qualities, talents, potentials, strategies not unlike the human brain, left and right hemispheres.  This is an evaluation/re-evaluation process.  Information can be processed from the big picture down to the details or the detail up to the big picture.

Now women can talk:  this is one of their tools. They are able to bring more information to the table, in the moment.  Internet shapes their minds, journalism and a great writer is another government, networking (online and offline), can handle more data, more contextual, holistic thinkers, and more.  These are a woman’s potential for problem solving.

Men can focus, magnify, ability to have abstract thoughts, step by step, and get rid of what is extraneous.  There are more male geniuses than female in the world but also more idiots.

We need to employ both talents in a collaborative society.

Helen Fisher further states that women in love start sooner, have more partners, less kids and leave relationships without remorse, in order to get a better relationship.  With women returning to the workforce and an aging population, equality and compatibility spirits are becoming more pronounced in relationships.  Yet, marriage will always require the need to be ‘in love’.

How does this relate to chiropractic care?

Understanding how we respond to the stress in our social relationship, is helpful in recognizing our addictions and physical tension patterns, or in chiropractic terms…chronic vertebral subluxations.



[1] Helen Fisher’s TED Talk “Why we Love, Why we Cheat”


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