Herd Immunity

From Herd Mentality to Herd Immunity.

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Herd Mentality

Herd Mentality is people feeling safe within a group. They make judgments and behaviours based upon the image of the group and not themselves.

health or social protection
Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity is a description of how individuals may benefit/be safe within a group.

Today, social networks are being used to predict epidemics.  All epidemics: from health viruses, bacteria and other germs, to marketing products, ideas and other social contagions.

It is a means to a rapid warning and early detection of anything deemed important.

It is accomplished by internet, smart phone, smart meters, direct marketing/multi-level marketing, corporate business and government interests, etc.

This profession of innovation or adoption curve is not random.  It is mathematical, measurable and it is accomplished by a social network.  It is you and your friends and family.  The number of connections (nodes) being 1-6 on the average (such as the 6 degrees of separation).

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?  This is a different kind of solitude and an epiphany of seekers

How do you improve and fix, not just understand things?  It is by seeking, connecting, becoming involved and being social or central in issues. Those not connected remain outside the information loop.  This defines two groups:  the not connected group does not know that they don’t know.  The connected group knows that they do not know and will continue seeking until they do know.  These are the first two steps of learning.

How the social network predicts epidemics, is that the central connections collect(s) data from the field and the incidence of any condition, illness or event.

In 1 to 2 weeks from now, you will know when/where the bug/events were today.

By technology and the processing of information and the friendship paradox, the more central, the more you move in, more central you become, the more informed  you become, the more you gain time in the prediction of illness or innovation.  This is in the league of 16-43 days and is termed ‘herd immunity’. 

If 30% of the population (target) is informed by the connected infrastructure, this information flows freely to 96% of the population.  Good or Bad news can be prepared for appropriately.

Communities can exchange abstract information. Communication allows us to operate as a single organism and speed up the rate of change (or preparation).

People act as sensors, massive passive data collectors.  When we follow the population, monitoring who, where, what they are thinking, buying, going, doing, we can understand and intervene with supplies, information or whatever would be necessary to improve the outcome.

Smart health care, smart marketing, smart advertising, smart transportation and traffic control, etc.

“Today, 1 in 9 houses are involved in direct sales networks: that is equivalent to 45,000 people registering weekly.  The network marketing has increased 200% this decade and is recession proof.” – Verdis Norton, ASEA.

What is your next step?

Join the chiropractic community!  Understand what chiropractic’s wholistic approach has to offer to you.  Seek out your chiropractors resourcefulness as well as your own.  These may include numerous information networks: Chiropractic care, acupuncture, pulsating magnetic field therapy, essential oils, and water air filtration to name a few.  There are many products, services and health related opportunities that will best benefit your unique requirements as solutions to your problems. Get connected!


Nicholas Christakis  – “How Social networks predict epidemics”  TedTalk

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