Habits of Checks and Balances

The Art of Looking and Listening

Ever feel you are in too deep?  In problems, issues, feelings, when/where your motivations and commitments do not allow you spontaneity and predict your every next move – the next hour, day, week , month and year.

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People live this control. But seldom love it and often tire from it.

Stuck in mud, snow, sand, spinning your wheels.

Enter the clouds, word clouds, to make our day. >>>>> 

Health Word Cloud

These words are propositions by which we live and have based meaning in our life.  Our words are simply words.  A word can and will embody the sum total of all our beliefs, values and concepts of understanding if we allow it.  The words are the quest of our articulate addiction and emotional fulfillment.

We need to look and see, listen and hear our words in the act that they propel.  We need to see and hear who we really are to what end.  This can be a blundering or a graceful art requiring humility, patience, perseverance, forbearance and forgiveness of ourselves or others.

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Words are checks and balances on our way to expression in life.  To be able to move, speak, feel joy, grief, anger and uncover grace and freedom is emotional fulfillment.

As social beings we lead ourselves in or out of freedoms every day, hour and even every minute.

We, human beings, do this every day because we can.  We are at the top of the food chain, the evolutionary ladder, and have been blessed (or cursed) with free will.

We have the ultimate power that we can deny any instinct for an idea, an abstract that acquires value.  A value that can change your life.  It can create or remove checks and balances in life that you have become chained to.  That only you can do this, is not entirely true. [1]

Social media has gone viral, its time has come.  A product of an idea, a technology, an intelligence that is beyond our control.  It is a beautiful or horrible catch 22.

What can this teach us about our health?  The answer is nothing and everything.  Innovation has always been here but only a relative few individuals possess this attitude.  They possessed that attitude by choices, decisions they made concerning their life.  Different than any other human being, but the initial potential was no different.  They made these decisions based on their values, what they value!

Health finds a way to express our personal values in spite of all odds or statistics in today’s science.

It is not a mistake or coincidence, the people you meet, the friends you have, the family and relatives that anchor you and the doctors we need to see are all propelled by our values and the propositions we live by.

All of these social connections in our life are conscious/unconscious propositions of our life.  We will reflect this in our thoughts, feelings, actions and language.  Sow simple and pay attention. These propositions are the enter and exit choice points in our relationship(s).  We do or don’t agree or disagree.  We do or don’t connect the dots and understand…each other…or realize value.

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The art of looking and listening is a discipline of awareness for lie spotting, to truth seeking and ultimately to trust building.  There are proven techniques to detect deception.[2]

The core proposition is that “Lying is a cooperative act”.

Everyone is willing to give you something for whatever they are hungry for.  Lying bridges the gap to connect wishes, fantasy and what could be.  We do this 10-200x / day, normally and 3x/every 10 minutes with strangers.

The second core proposition is that we are against lying…but covertly for it. 

Society sanctions it and the intelligent are more likely to lie.  Unwilling participants will expose ‘the fraud’.  We become better husbands, wives, smarter and richer with this honesty.

Strangers lie to each other more than co-workers do, and extroverts lie more than introverts.  Men lie about themselves more than others and women lie more, to protect others.   Married couples lie to each other, 1 in 10 interactions and unmarried couples lie to each other, 1 in 3.5 interactions.

All liars, good and bad, all make the same mistakes.  They make mistakes with their speech and with more than their speech ‘body language’.

An honest person’s attitude tends to be cooperative, gives details and becomes furious and likes strict punishment for liars.  Liars use qualifying language, such as being formal and create distance and may leak emotional sadness anger and worse yet, show or display contempt (where they dismiss you).  Clusters of these behaviours and body language eventually prevail.

What the truth looks like is ‘authentic emotional remorse’ for having lost something of VALUE, something they LOVE.

We need and want this awareness so that we may be and act with full disclosure, with true dignity and freedom in good health.

We have enough information in FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain studies to qualify communication objectively. [1]

In fact we are the biggest liar to ourselves and being social is just a form or way to buy us some time with approval or recognition, temporary so be it. [2]

How can I say this, state this…Look around.  Everyone is feeling and doing this busy, busy, busy, no stopping until…your choice/decision…or you’re dead.  Oh well, you had a good Life.

If you are a poor wretched sick person, no matter what you think, your head has been filled with someone else’s ideas.  You have not one original thought, a seed to plant, and your life is fast slipping away.  You do not even notice.

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It’s about Time…What are you waiting for…Your time is coming…Recognizing your state of being…Has never been easier…then, now.

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– Dr. Ron Hill



[1] Read Montague: What we’re learning from 5,000 brains (TEDTalk – June 2012)


[2] How to Spot a Liar – Pamela Meyer (TEDTalk – July 2011) 

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