Realizing Value

We have a saying in Chiropractic

Above-Down, Inside-Out

Subluxation is an interference of this flow of creative expression.

butterfly on flower against sky

As above, so below

As within, so without

Patty Griffin Heavenly Day_(360p)

…are other similar historical observations.  This blog and chiropractic adjustments is dedicated to the subluxation ‘Above Atlas’,  that is C1 (the first cervical neck vertebra).  ‘Above Atlas’ subluxation is the original subluxation (original sin) or wrong thought/intention from the brain/mind down to the Body.

This blog is dedicated to every broken relationship, that we may set our self free by the heart of the Law, Mercy.  Relationship is any or all perceptions of person, place or thing in your reality.

Forgive yourself and appreciate the tempering strength of that relationship as a benefit for every relationship their after! Otherwise you will be destined to have the same recurring subluxation pattern, and subsequently the same spinal adjustments.  Acknowledgement transforms failure or mistakes of perception into success.  It becomes win-win for both parties, with benefits that enhance new growth and future changes rather than the negative effects of stress.

Relationships may or may not be hard lessons; uncovering, realizing and claiming New Values.

This is a process of dissipation and resolution of lies and deceit, small and great.  The transformations or renewal of mutual agreements in more distant or close intimate relationships, results in more meaning.  More meaning more, first the creation of relationship with one another.  Secondly have the ability and understanding to create infinitely closer (quality) relationships.  These relationship share a variety and common core values.

To Realize Value_Spiral Clock_ Poem

I know you love me because I love myself and I love you as I do myself.

A deep living attachment is a Value that one cannot let go, a value one adheres too.  It is the underlying connection, a core connection/node, a connection of connections, not unlike the 6 degrees/nodes of separation, and you are a part and apart of this continuum, this living continuum.

A well adjusted person  has ‘clear intention’.  All the connections have the same clear communication, common sense.  When someone communicates clearly;  it means openly, without fear, and is transparent with full disclosure. It socially establishes common sense, in bearing witness of the present tense/truth.  It is a living discipline to express and experience common sense that is often invisible in relationships today.  Good communication is a connection of common core values where the duality of stress neither builds us up or breaks us down.  Realizing values in our relationships is exercising sincerity and expressing appreciation in our communication.

Baby_holding_hand 500

Find common ground with your chiropractor, that life Above-Down, Inside-Out may clear out what ails you….then onwards with better communication, better connections/reconnections and values in Life.

Bridge over the river

As within sow without, and put your self ‘in the flow’

….with a little help from chiropractic.


What is Subluxation?

A subluxation is a minor misalignment of bone, usually in the spine, that causes an interference with the transmission of messages in our nervous system. A subluxation therefore interferes with the communication of our innate intelligence throughout our body. –  Web Definitions – Google Search – Best definition

Audio Reference

Patty Griffin – Heavenly Day

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