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Healthcare without imagination is like a lover’s relationship without romance.

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Do I care? Do you care? Do we care?  This is about as simple as it gets.  It is about you and other people, this is the central issue.  How do you acquire the core value of care – That is true sincerity, honesty, compassion, empathy, appreciation and gratitude, with yourself and with others?

Read Montague:  What we’re learning from 5000 Brains Functional MRI studies of the microscopic blood flow maps of the brain activity. [1]

What happens in 2 brains simultaneously while people interact is now being understood cognitively.

In the process of evaluation when you are determining what has more value, or which is more valuable, the brain activity and behaviour via neurotransmitters has a common currency scale that can be mapped.  The neurotransmitter Dopamine is the common currency and is delivered to establish our responses…our values.  If there is no currency, no Dopamine, no brain activity, there is no response, there is no value…the person remains oblivious.

Drugs alter or hijack these neurons of the Dopa System and change how we value the world.  They (the drug) become the addiction, reassigning value to themselves.

Now, the premier key to this puzzle is abstraction acquires value.  That is, we can deny any instinct for an idea.

The Power of an idea, an abstract idea, is second to none!

This idea power is the optimal body-brain processing power.  THE DRIVE that people interact, that minds project their self-image, that gives behaviour it’s punch, that we may ‘know the other’, that we exchange images of each other, that develop extraordinary sensitivity in this exchange game.

Patterns of play emerge with these exchange games.  Many, many signals are offered and responded too in this communication game, consciously and unconsciously.  This information, these patterns, can now be recognized cognitively with technology today.

This leads to questions

  • Does anyone have any idea of what health is?
  • Do doctors and patients have any idea of what health is?
  • And how a pattern of health emerges with the exchange of their totality; word and deed or thought, feeling and action.

Why is this important to us?

Because if the idea of health or the pursuit and pattern of health is not paramount in either the patient and/or the doctor, than the result is less than 100% healing.


Get it right TOGETHER!

Now that is an adjustment in anyone’s book!


Who is bringing what to the table?

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[1] Read Montague TEDTalk previously referenced in Habits of Checks and Balances – by Dr. Ron Hill

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