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Who would believe in ONE STEP LEARNING as a 20 year old, or even a thirty or forty year old person.

Such was my thought when I read in a medical physiology textbook, that humans learned faster when paralyzed.

How can this be?  If this is so, think of all the super learning going on today with people suffering from disabilities.

Nerve SynapseThe year was 1982, and according to medical text books and experiments with the poison curare; it was demonstrated (proven) that when curare paralyzed the animals muscles, the animals’ Central Nervous System and Brain entered into a super heightened alarm state.
Curare disconnects communication between muscle and nerve at the neuromuscular synapse.  This dysfunction served native African Pygmi’s well when it came time to hunt for dinner or subdue hostile human enemies.

Brain HandsI also thought it a superior form of torture when an animal or human is super aware that they were going to be eaten…and they will die ‘a slow motion death’ with or without extreme pain.  Imagine this…you can’t move to save your life, barely able to breathe, and the brain and heart can’t even give you a cardiac arrest (heart attack).

Where does this awareness energy take us in this case?  The scientific research article, The Psyche & Body Mechanics, expands on this question.

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