What is the Creative Consciousness?

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This case is one example of nature’s plethora of gifts to expand man’s potential to a divine consciousness.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly


What is the Spirit in Consciousness?

How do we access it?

Why do we have it?

Why is it important for our health?

What is the Pure Creative Spirit?

How do we understand the spirits in consciousness?

We use things such as alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs (mushrooms, herbs, and cannabis and other medicinal poisons) … to the disciplined mind which possesses imagination and the power of perception to access spirits of consciousness.  We employ these spirits for their benefits. We have examples (things) of these spiritual benefits everywhere in human history, religion and cultures.

How much greater is the expression of just the Pure Creative Spirit without the help of hallucinogens?

The Pure Creative Spirit is One.  It is awareness with all conditioning yet without conditioning, expressing itself unconditionally; as in Grace, Love and Truth.  Where does this awareness energy take us? …

The Pure Creative Spirit applied in mercy and kindness may have outcomes that are paradoxically unimaginable.  Such would be the bridge between the normal and paranormal, the visible and invisible words.  This is the ultimate power of the act of human compassion and living discipline.

Notable examples within our society that have affected our society as a whole

Jules Verne | Novelist – Poet | Around the World in 80 days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1870)

Nicola Tesla – Engineer, Physicist | X-Ray, Radio, Power Generation (Niagara Falls), AC Currents, Electrotherapy, Remote control

Albert Einsten – Physicist | Theory of Relativity, Brownian Movement

Other individual examples

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