More is Never Enough

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“More is Never Enough”

It is becoming increasingly obvious that we do not need more drugs and medicine, more chiropractic adjustments, more vitamins, minerals and natural supplements, more juices, fruits and food.  Not more money and more health care, but a better (quality) EMF environment.

Yes, it is true.

According to NASA and Japanese research & practice, the Earth’s Magnetic Field has decreased greater than 90% in the last 4000 years, and most of the decline in the last ½ century.

This is not just a magnetic field but pulsed frequencies of mother earth, her magnetic field and its forces.

The harmonics of the heavenly earth and sun (planets and stars) forces are optimum in certain resonant frequencies.  These Resonant Frequencies biologically restore and optimize cell membrane (semi) permeability.  This means that our body’s cells and tissues can absorb/take in what nutrients it needs, and excretes cellular waste products (detoxify) that it does not need and must get rid of, in order to survive.

We often assume what we eat or drink will be taken in by our cells…this is a mistake and a very bad assumption.

Out of order

Often many ‘things’ are ingested but not necessarily digested by the stomach and small intestine, or assimilated into the cells of our body.  Consequently, these ‘things’ just pass through the body without being utilized or become stuck in the body where accumulated ‘things’ makes an optimum environment for virus, bacteria, parasite and fungus.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) is a time tested effective therapy, not just for illness and disease, but also for optimal health and performance.  Patented research in 1979 demonstrated that these pulsed magnetic fields put calcium back into the bone cells.


Before you consider spending more time and money, and a considerable amount of time and money on health care (because you have not gotten your desired results in health or optimal performance), ask about MRS (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation).  Get informed and create effective choices, for better results and health freedom.

If you have a fridge, a stove, a car … and you use electricity, then your next buy is a iMRS mat.

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