Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields, Frequencies, Forces: Unseen, Unknown, invisible (yet real) today.

Earth's Magnetosphere - Digital Painting

How come…More is Never Enough?

Maybe it’s because … Enough is not a Quantity – Enough is a Quality!

Click for Audio – Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines Clean Radio Edit [1]

We can see the tangible.  We see, touch, taste, and smell a quantity, but the quality appears intangible as blurred lines.  When the eyes see quality the lines become blurred, the eyes gloss over and we go into a dream…a reality check.

Quality can be described by submodalities of feeling

  • temperature is a frequency
  • pressure is an intensity
  • texture is purity
  • shape is a dimension
  • location is location

This is not rocket science, but awareness of innocence in experiences (in a sense):  A phenomenon that every human being has access to when living in the present tense.

Simply put ‘falling in love’; no preconceived ideas, expectations or conditions.

Norther Lights

EMF’s (Electromagnetic fields) are the very foundation of nature and life.  They literally are the invisible extension of ourselves. We do have the power of sensibility to be aware of these fields.  Ask the hyper sensitive, the psychics, the Water-Witchers (aka Dowsing). They are the very signals of our communication systems – cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, bodies (language verbal-non verbal/behaviour), social and ecological systems…i.e. the internal and external environment.

EMF’s fields, frequencies and forces are responsible for the entire matrix of our reality.

How can anything that is so black and white in science class … have such vague nondescript, blurred lines in describing how it affects our health.

Well it does not!

Astronaut in space

  1. Yuri Gorgoren, the first cosmonaut/astronaut in space (Russian) returned to Earth in a coma after only 1 hour & 40 minutes in space.  It was not the lack of gravity but the lack of EMF’s that disabled him almost to the point of death.
  2. Dr. Valerie Hunt B.Ed demonstrated that humans kept in a room without EMF had pain in 7 minutes, excruciating and unbearable in 21 minutes, where the humans had to be removed from the room.  The animals left in the room all perished within 2 hours, with the heart and cardiovascular system being the last system to give out.

Physical & biological science is black and white about this information and knowledge, but social, economical, and business practices (sciences) are not.  They blur the lines due to vested interests.


Our skin can be Black or White.  No one appears to be confused about this discrimination, or stating whether they are Black or White.  But stating the quality of that skin, its texture, vitality, and the integrity of being, ushers in Blurred Lines. Such is the case with EMF and our Health.

To have health (life) today requires our personal interest, attention, decision and commitment to the quality, and quantity, of our electromagnetic field environment.

The scientists are doing their job.  Their statements on the EMF effects are clear, they are not blurred lines.

Physical, Mental, Emotional Quality

When we look into our eyes, or another’s, a strange unknown energetic magnetic attraction captures our attention.

A clear intention reveals itself and begins to pervade through our mind and body.

We feel naked as a rare raw desire wells up from inside us.

Our innocence is laid bare.

Our being is now totally vulnerable.

An intensity of heat begins to grow from a still quiet flame in a raging hot fire.

Our senses stop time; sensuality begins to exude from every cell in our body.

Woman and man energy body, aura, chakras, energy, silhouette

Every body part melts together into one (whole body), only to reach out to another (whole body).

To touch, connect, is electrifying, riveting and boundaries (again) blur beyond memory to creative precepts.

Imagine a life of unlimited free energy.  How does this change our attitude?!  It is not an unreasonable thought.

Einstein took the energy of one atom and created an Atomic Bomb.  We have 75 trillion cells with an infinite number of molecules and atoms.

What are we missing?

Energy begets energy and energy follows thought.

Looking into the eyes, the Face of Infinity, anything can be possible.


What could be any more exciting than the Blurred Lines of a Magnetic Personality and an electrifying experience?

Who lives a life so full of energy?

That can take the world by storm? Where

Everyone & everything wants a piece of it;

Taste it, touch it, hear it, see it for Themselves.


[1] YouTube.com – Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”  CLEAN radio version

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