Student Stress

The average person may say, “What stress could a student have?”

This is more a comment on the average person. “The average person could care less.”  It is a less than desirable attitude.

For the student that seeks anything but average.

Student_BackPack_Phone_PostureHere are ‘The Student Stress Tips’

Be Aware of Gravity and Your Posture

  • Hanging Head…a ‘no-no’… You know.
  • Pack Sack, that packs poor weight distribution
  • Repetitive Use Syndromes & Work Hardening Programs of “Constant Daily Sitting or Standing”.  Get involved with extracurricular school sports, music, drama, clubs & other activities or create your own special interests group.
  • The Modern Day Wireless Hand Radio operators have yet to deal with this EMF fallout

the constant barrage of (5) EMF Signals using fresh hydrated young human bodies as a grounding for this ‘electrical circuit’

Take frequent rests, drink lots of pure/clean water, and get lots of exercise.  Choose to use and expand your own circuits, rather than the converse; another diminishing the present strength and number of your electrical circuits.


Have a Be Attitude, Be Unique, Be Beautiful.  Choose to Be Anything but Average.

  • Stress builds us up or breaks us down
  • Choose stress without distress…stress that strengthens
  • Work hard and work harder…make it fun (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially)
  • Out with the dinosaur habits and control freaks – In with the physical/mental fitness and current emotional/social programs

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