Electromagnetic Frequency (Part 1)

citystreetElectromagnetic Frequency Your Best Defense

What’s Your Best Defense against an Invisible Offence?

Information, observation and detection

House of Pain – Jump Around live at Kendal Calling 2011 [1]

In basketball and other sports the best defense wins the game, the majority of the time.

To have and know all the information, guides and protects us from misinformation, and those with vested (selfish) interests who use less than adequate information to promote and sell their product.  Not only that, the timing of receiving this information is paramount.  When it comes to an industry “Lying bridges the gap to connect wishes, fantasy and what would be”.

Remember who are the Best Liars and Why. We may find the insight and advice of what Susan Cain says useful (the Core Proposition – Lies / Lying) [2]

EMF and Communication

Modern communication technology illustration with mobile phone a

Today, the world has shrunk due to EMF and technology in communication systems.

Communication and information is literally in our face, everywhere we turn.  Ask Telus, the future is friendly…isn’t it? It is ironic that this theme song for Telus’ tag line, “The Future is Friendly” is from House of Pain.

There has been science and controversy (blurred lines) about this technology for over a hundred years.  The recent statistics are undeniable and there has been some finite responsible statements and decisions regarding the safety of this technology in other parts of the world.

  • Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe has passed in their legislation that there are beneficial and harmful EMF fields, frequencies and forces and safety regulations are now recommended and enforced.  (Ref. Doc 12608, May 6 2011)
  • Polish Scientific Community established the accepted world standard of 0.01 milliwatt/cm2 exposure limit for this technology.  The Russians are reportedly 1000-10,000x under this limit.  North Americans are reportedly 1000-10,000x  over this limit.
  • The Canadian Federal Safety Code 6 limit (EMF intensity) is 1 mw/cm2, that is 100x over the recognized world standard.  This limits intensity exposure to when thermal (cooking) effects start!  The frequency range is from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

“The City of Toronto policy has a protection factor, based on North American Occupational Health jurisprudence, to account for the fact that the general population has members such as children, pregnant women and the aged, who may be more sensitive to the health effects associated with chemicals and physical agents”  (Radiation & Environmental Surveys, The PACE Inc. May 30,2005).

This regulation is administered by Industry Canada and is developed by Health Canada.

From the EMF Environmental Survey, Brantford was 9x over this limit and medical accidents and death have occurred as a result of this – both at the work place and residence.

Night Earth. A piece of America - the northern U.S. states and Canada

Not only does EMF have negative effects on individuals, there are some effects of collapse of background microwave emissions on equipment.  Equipment bursting into flames has been observed: Cablevision/ TV channel converters, smoke detectors, entertainment devices, television monitors, battery chargers, fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, SMART appliances, etc. These are associated with standing wave collapse regimes.

Beams have also been observed from SMART meters sending data to LAN units in the neighbourhood.

If there is a constant focused microwave emission beaming in some direction (E.G. – from a neighbour’s router, from a cell tower, even if bounced from gutters etc.), say to a conductive material door, window frame, studded wall, energy may collect and build up charge(s) – sometimes up to “Thermal Effect” power density levels – over time.  It is sufficient that a sudden interruption of such beaming – say a truck passing by- to cause a ‘Collapse of a Standing Wave Phenomenon’ which can release such a charge, scientists have monitored, since the 1950’s, even electric fireballs start this way.” (Dr. A Michrowski, The PACE Inc. Newsletter – Aug., 2013)

Widespread wireless installations including SMART meters are creating safety risks for 20-25 million people, who have medical implants such as pacemakers, infusion pumps, metal rods and hearing aids.

  • Dr. Gary Olhoeft, professor of Geophysics in Colorado, has a medical implant, a deep brain stimulator for Parkinson’s disease.  He described a situation where as he passed through a retail store security system his stimulator was turned off.  He shares, “I had to turn myself back on. I have about four seconds to do that before I start shaking so bad I can’t do it.”
  • In Denmark, the Waldorf news published an article headlined “Student Science Experiment Finds that Plants Won’t Grow Near Wi-Fi Router”

Cell Phone on Fire - EMFFive Grade 9 young women created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community.  It started when the girls noticed when they slept with their cell phones near the head at night, sleep was difficult as was concentration in school the next day.  The next logical step, Does it affect plants and their growth?

This became the basis for their experiment.

Now if you thought cell phone radiation is bad- this is absolutely essential information on – What SMART Meters Really Do.

“SMART Meters, EMR, Money & Your Health” A Paper and Presentation by Rob States

An interesting bottom line states that “in the United States, power companies and other microwave providers have been granted immunity from future lawsuits that may arise over health and safety problems…hmmmm?  End of paper.

And if you are not sure of the Canadian Government’s position on this technology… join the crowd, stand in line, etc.  While there is no current updated legislation on these matters – business and blurred lines continue!  This outdated legislation addresses thermal effects of radiation, not the non-thermal effects of radiation which the rest of the world has, and is addressing.

Get yourself information, observe & detect!  Take action on your own behalf.

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The Scientists are doing their jobDo Yours!

  • Get Information
  • Get Health & Observe
  • Get Detectors for detection and protection (Trifield Meters – ask Dr. Hill for more information)

Take Back your Power, Consumer power.

  • Take Action, at home and at work for benefits that ensure prosperity, health and longevity, of yourself, family, community and country.
  • Don’t wait, Don’t let someone else take care of it.
  • Don’t think you can’t afford it.  Pay it forward.  If you don’t invest time and money now, it will cost you exponentially more later.
  • Don’t be one of the learning challenged.

PS.  If you don’t know what the Precautionary Principle is …find out now!

We need to know as residents and as a community: How much are we being exposed to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) – Intensity and Duration?

Let’s get started.

PenEstablish a Personal Action Plan

  1. Seek Expert Advice (see publications above)
  2. Attain an Environmental Survey
  3. Seek out available Government Agencies for Grants, Subsidies and Development incentives.  Funding for awareness and educational programs, funding for infrastructure studies, funding for health and safety hazards
  4. Contact the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  5. Publicize with Regularity – PR Campaign to increase EMF awareness and ecourage people to participate by volunteering information and perhaps becoming actively involved
  6. Encourage local business/service programs
  7. Set up a Planning Committee to initiate and oversee programs
    1. Survey to define environmental contaminants
      1. Radio Frequency Radiation
      2. Electromagnetic Fields
      3. Dirty Electricity
      4. Ground Current

This awareness, investigation and knowledge is not only about our health and welfare, but about our taxes and the devaluation of our real estate.

[1] Audio Reference –  YouTube.Com – House of Pain – Jump Around // LIVE // Kendal Calling 2011

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