Electromagnetic Frequency: Your Best Defence II

What’s Your Best Defence against an Invisible Offence?

@DancehallSoca- Defense by Machel Montano Ft Pitbull

Blog_WorldEarthVirtualIn the previous blog we reviewed: Information, Observation & Detection.

Health is intimately related to stress.  We know from Hans Selye’s Nobel Prize work on Stress, that stress is not the problem.  It is only our response to stress that causes us problems.

How can we, as human beings, energetically grow and thrive with stress?

It is by having the ability not to respond to stress.  This can be explained by our primary and secondary experiences in life.  This introduces us to our attitude…

…Just like Elvis Presley, the acknowledged American King of Rock and Roll, that ushered in a generational change of attitude.  An attitude that was bad at the time, but not now.

Hidden From View

Today, we have a King of a Different Colour; Soca (Machel Montano), a non-American bringing “new” old rhythms home.  He takes it back to old school, and some people find it offensive, “Bumpar Wining”. To put it bluntly there is nothing older or more natural than these rhythms and movements.  Is this bad for our time: Or not?  Time may be moving faster, moving us towards our deeper roots.

Humans have become distracted by secondary experience, such as language and music. This is mind-boggling, demonstrating some lack of intelligence. EMF (electromagnetic frequency) technology serves as a great social benefit where we can communicate with each other instantly anywhere in the world.  EMF technology has shrunk the world and we can now begin to have a very real feeling that all of us humans are just a family living on this very small planet.  We have become distracted from the primary effects of EMF which may be healthy or harmful! [1]

Acceleration of Dynamic WavesMusic is not harmful if the harmonic melodies resonate with our human biology. As a matter of fact harmonic resonant frequencies will de-stress people by balancing the body’s energy (i.e. energetic frequency imbalances). Other EMF phenomena; such as light, sound frequencies to physical vibration, singing, music and language itself, may be skillfully employed for positive results in the restoration of health.

When we socially discriminate about human behaviour because of secondary experience, it is not necessarily productive.  It is like the double edged knife; there are good and bad (uses).  Information and physical/biological resonance from EMF technology gives us more ability to discriminate and improve our perceptive powers.

In today’s explosion of information, knowledge and technology, we do not need to go to policing our negative responses or judgments.  With the benefits of EMF we may negate the negative/positive stress or distracting discriminations of attitudes that do not have everyone’s best interest.

There is enough, everywhere, to go around – energy, life and love.  We are on the cusp of understanding and utilizing zero point energy.  This would be the goal for us to seek stress.  We are dreaming and talking the possibility of total health, life, and freedom.  This is where you recycle your free energy.

Issues of lack, power, authority, control, fear and zero tolerance of slander, abuse, violence, alcohol, etc.;  is human created and is for bus-i-ness, profits etc. To whom does this benefit?  Issues of lack may be reduced or even non-existent with better communication and awareness; information and understanding remain and become paramount.

There is a primary principal:  Everything is here and happens for the purpose to serve you. 

The vision, dream/goal is all that matters.  Whether it is athletic, musical or healing, it is your very own personal preference/purpose.  The energy, the information and our awareness exists between our thoughts.  Paradoxically, the less we talk and think, the more information we have to think about and more energy to put it to work.


[1] European Parliamentary Assemblylink to reference in our previous blog

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