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Social Conscience

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Red Background with Lamp and FlowersYour Best Defense against an Invisible Offence

Energy, of and for…Love and Prosperity, Health and Longevity.

Where do we find it?

Now, for the learning challenged, which includes all humans.  It is the need to know how to frame the effective question.  The question is how to have the sunny side of the EMF Technology, and have a life of abundance, living a universal love.

It is already happening here and now, just not acknowledged and accepted by everyone, yet!  One needs to live and obtain/have the ability to speak with living words and truly possess a social conscience (not unlike out of the mouth of babes).

Social Conscience

Your best defense is to be and have a social conscience

“You have been too lonely, too long.  WE couldn’t do this…without you”

I am addressing our internal and external environment.  We will only receive energy when we require energy.  It appears that nature/universe behaves like that.

Human nature seems to generate tension/energy, and then holds it in??  Why??? This may be internally or externally generated.  In either case, we are masters of creating/getting energy…tension, energy, and stress…but not necessarily giving it, releasing it, or letting it go!

Do we unconsciously want health problems?

My guess is YES we do want these health problems…to direct our attention to address what chaos, disorder or negligence we have lived in our life, both in our awareness and unawareness.

We lack the courage and wisdom to maintain the balance of our biological energy and its forces – of life and love. Then there are the consequences that follow this imbalance.  We show/demonstrate a desire, doubt or fear; an anxiety in expressing ourselves.

To make decisions based on what’s best for a big family on a small planet is one guideline EMF technology has made a reality.

EMF has become a reality check for humankind

  • Planet earth has limited resources
  • Humankind is one large family
  • Give no respect; get no respect.  There is a time and place for everything; fresh air, water, food have their cycles in nature and the body likewise has its organ cycles/rhythms.

Without EMF, man has pain in 7 minutes, in 21 minutes excruciating pain he cannot stand, then every organ system dysfunctions, and then stops functioning.  The heart is last to stop and that is in less than 2 hours.[1]

Until we can understand and utilize energy and our potential more effectively, our best defense is to pay attention, from the smallest detail to the biggest picture and vice versa. This is a whole brain exercise with left and right hemisphere, and with no body-brain disconnections.

Eyes Woman Scarf

Your best defense is to be and have a social conscience, and paradoxically, a social conscience becomes your best offence.  Something like a car driver’s best offence in traffic is by being defensive; be aware, prepared and ahead of time.

We are describing a social conscience that does not sit in judgment of circumstances but one that has the ability to negate the positive or negative stress responses.

And we cannot understand and use this energy and our potential without another person or planet.  It is a connection, a like frequency, harmonic, resonance creating its’ own unique domain.

This is not unlike the virtual reality of personal relationships…it is what we make it.

Virtual RealityThe quantum wave/particle energy of a frequency is what it is, a domain onto itself.  Ask any musician, never mind the expert Fractal Mathematician.

And when two frequencies resonant, a new dimension is added to our experience…a rift, a bit, a piece, a jingle, a song.

  • When we listen & hear our body resonates to the same
  • When we look and see our body is able to envision the images.
  • When we touch and feel our body experiences the emotional feeling
  • When we taste and smell our body is grounded to the essence of nature.

We are connected, one and the same, in this reality and experience.

Now how much of this are we aware of? (Cognitive experience)

Experience takes life energy and uses it. Where does this life energy come and go, except to another frequency, domain, dimension, resonance…with or without us.  We need to build the body mind to have the power to perceive from the smallest detail to the biggest picture, to be entirely conscious throughout our experience.

It behooves us to aggressively seek out stress everywhere, in everything.

This is an offensive attitude.  An attitude where we challenge ourselves to do our best and perhaps be the best; regardless, unique will prevail.

It is not hard to find stress today; information, knowledge and technology are overwhelming not to mention our social problems.

Black Background_Yellow_FrequencyWaves 900

It appears that everywhere, everything is being stressed in a like manner, that all cultures, religions, countries are having like problems.  Perhaps this is a result of the employ of EMF technology in control systems, communication and social media.  Meanwhile people struggle with their personal primary/secondary experiences which seemingly appear to be unrelated and insignificant.  This is far from the truth because today’s social problems ARE overwhelming.

We know from primary/secondary experience that:

  • Stress is never the problem, only our reaction/response to it
  • Stress only affects the unbalanced forces in an attempt to restore balance by bringing energy and your attention to it.
  • The relative cascade of chemical and mechanical forces reflected in body physiology or pathophysiology are unconscious responses that sooner or later become conscious
  • Cognitively, responses we become aware of, are physical, mental, emotional, and social
  • Body Brain Domain –  These are secondary responses, more or less conscious, and can be described as stimulating or depressing
  • Body Cell/Tissue Terrain – These are primary responses, more or less unconscious. These are based on the cell energy and body thermodynamics.

Primary experience of our body’s tissues is a source and exchange of energy (influx) with nature/universe.

Secondary experience is our brain/mind’s recognition of this.

 Unique: Where did our manners go?

Glowing Brain EnergyIt is erroneous to think that one has an advantage or desire to get an advantage over another in circumstances.  It is better to think of the person, place or thing as unique, a harmonic part of whole.  All parts are equally necessary to create the whole and be a part and apart of the whole.

Men and women don’t have advantages over one another; neither do employers and employees, government leaders/agencies and the public, etc.

Service and attitude is the key resonant frequency among unique parties and their role playing.

The difference between lip service (talking about doing something), as opposed to doing, and being this service and attitude, is that these unique parties have mutually felt and experienced these key resonant frequencies.  Now the two unique parties are connected as one in this experience – a unique domain.

Mutual energetic enhancement of relationships in circumstances lends itself to potential harmonic states of creativity, intuition and perception (i.e. brainstorming).

These may be some of the outcome side-effects of this attitude; along with the joy, pleasure, and love of doing the work.

Social conscience is an exercise in virtual reality.  We need to find the most fundamental universal qualities of life to live and express every day in our life in spite of any resistance we may experience.  It is an exercise of heart and soul in hope, faith and love, every religion has taught.

These values become ingrained and synonymous with our being in everything we do and have.  We are not the same, but unique.

This is one positive way our world changes, and how our planet may change.  I am addressing our internal and external environments.

Get harmonic EMF in your life.

  1. Prayer and Fasting }  do something yourself
  2. Provide their need/service } do something for another
  3. Plant and grow something / clean up something }  do something for planet earth

Monkey Behind Bars

When is it time to speak?

The book 1984 and Animal Farm have come and gone.  Our civil rights have been replaced by more rules and regulations.  Our discriminations have become inflamed over the “have and the have-nots” more than race, colour and creed.  Our sovereignty has slyly been reduced and replaced legally to subserviency of faceless non-entities such as the government and corporate policies.

We need to set ourselves free by the strength of our own heart and intelligence.  WE can do this by means of communication and a social conscience:  A social conscience that benefits all aspects of our existence, if we expect to be free of pain, suffering, and taxes.

Our attitude, the act of service, is a voluntary function and one that overcomes ego.  Egotistical behaviours always desire to dominate some aspect of our life.  The lack of hope, love, and faith in our human social conscience is the beginning of our slavery to pain, suffering, illness, never-ending tax burden, taxing circumstances and to complete energy bankruptcy.

EMF technology is bringing the light of hope, love and faith to you to strengthen your social conscience and total being to make changes.

Rap on…Azealia Banks (212), Bumper Wine on…Machel Montano (Defense) and all of you.  Speak up and sing your unique same song.  And then maybe the House of Pain Jump (song) and Telus tagline (The Future is Friendly) will in fact be true.

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