Christmas Spirit and Faceless Matters

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This is the time of year that is for giving and the time of year to feel good about giving.

Beggar asks for alms on the street

It is the end of many experiences, personal and work related.  It is an interlude to recollect, and appreciate, successful and not so successful activities, and where to go from here.

Regardless, rest and celebration is the premiere mindset; how to be positive and see the silver lining with the worst possible scenario(s), or simply express the joy of a dream come true, is life’s soul communication challenge.

Accepting the state of completion and finality, is a psychological reset button, a pattern interrupt of biological and behavioural stress, a digital analogue communication system for higher fidelity experience within you.

Now with every ending there is a new beginning, and people tend to make changes in their life by reflecting on these past events.

Time for Change

To address these changes:  To what level do I need to go?  How deep does deep go?  How shallow can we, shall we, remain.

What do these words mean to you?

  • Health
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability

Do we look beyond a quick fix?

Do we look at the symptom(s)…and need a pill, a remedy, a fix?

Do we listen to the radio, TV, internet, Google, family, friends, neighbour, doctor, minister, or priest?

Or do we spend time and pay attention to all aspects of our life: stress and your physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being?!

Do you consider the source of stress being not you, but what you have allowed, assume, succumb to, and are subservient too?

I am speaking about ignorance: our ignorance of

  • Business and economic matters
  • Politics and financial matters
  • Media and communication matters
  • Science and religious matters
  • Justice and sovereign matters

Eye watches over massesAll these matters are nothing but faceless constructs of the mind of man.

We absolutely need to see through the façade.

Australian Shepherd lying proudly on a detroyed armchair, isolated on white

It is crimes of the heart that outrage man, no matter what age, sex/gender, rich/poor, social status, race, culture, or nationality.  All borders, lines of discrimination, do not matter when it comes to matters of the heart.Who can protect, defend, or fight an unseen adversary, with endless resources of discriminations from the unique beauty of human differences? Don’t be tricked into letting your lover go!


African elephant sweeping after a dog messed up an armchair, isolated on white

The heart of man is what puts man’s house in order, restores health and well-being.  It gives man a sense of purpose, commitment, conviction and a glimpse into eternity, to be one with the universal law.  The universal law, is to be/have/do the right thing, in the right time, in the right manner/way; an act that restores balance to the whole – to each, and all of its parts.  It is your HEART that LOVES YOU.

In today’s age we know we need to take care of ourselves, as well as the planet; our health, as well as Mother Nature’s ecosystem.

The mind of man has no power to see this, it lacks Heart: fortitude, gravity, and unity.  The mind of man serves itself.   The mind of man exists to serve the heart and spirit of man.  Put your HEART to WORK, and love all things to find your path.

The plight of the ignorant is to be fooled by the thought-full, mind-full, and the considerate attitude that fast puts the heart to sleep.

nature background

It puts the heart to sleep with all the comforts and conveniences; catering to fattening the innocent and ignorant.

This is good for business, government,

economy, marketing, and laws/regulations.



We need to see the invisible, read between the lines, cut to the chase and the heart of the matter.  We need to address our own resources and communication skills, or lack of it.It is the desire and madness of mind to serve as master of mankind, and subdue the spirit and heart of man.  It hides in plain view everywhere; where we act, take thought, and do not generate feeling.

Faceless matters can only exist in our ignorance.  Faceless matters require the wisdom of no response; that is in keeping with our image of the maker; sovereignty versus the alternative, a contract agreement of subservience with the mind of man.

NOWHow deep did we want to go in making changes in our life?

Do you want to:

  • Get healthy, lose a little weight, have a little more energy?
  • Take better care of the kids and family?
  • Get a better job?
  • Help in the community of less fortunate, or those in need of learning?
  • Get a better life – clean up your human lifestyle, clean up the planet?

Seek out holistic health care; whose path you cross is no mistake?  So you may gather together more energy, resources, communication skills; to improve perception, patience and perseverance.

Make your New Years’ resolutions a new beginning. 

Seek many signs and symptoms of

  • Body tone/ lean tissue (atonement)
  • Body detoxifying /organ tone (atonement)
  • Mental clarity / deeper sleep (atonement)
  • Passion/compassion/improved communication
  • Social force/presence/improved attention

Don’t kill the messengers, signs and symptoms; connect to your higher self.

See, hear, feel the message and the directions to take.

Who & what crosses your path, so happens, as no co-incidence.  Spend your time and pay attention to those whose path has Heart.  The appeal may have untold rewards for you.  The appeal may be your own heart’s affinity and you will know by your own results.

NASA has stated that man has evolved to walk or run 25-50 miles/day!!  Who does this behaviour daily? Most North Americans cannot believe this is our true potential.  If you want it to be true, take out a new job application form today, and begin to apply yourself in a new way of life.

A new life of higher learning, higher energy, and way better pay.



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