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Are you living a Life of Dreams or has Familiarity Bred Contempt?

Jessie J – Who You Are

Why do women like the tall, dark, strong, silent, handsome type of man (or whatever your preference)?

Why does the man’s eye wander at the sight of an attractive woman? Is it the spice of a little mystery & mystique?

Man too, has been known to dislike the incessant chatter or nagging of the opposite sex, or woman dislike putting up with male negativity?

What’s a relationship without a little mystery & mystique?  How do you create a relationship that lasts but remains fresh, alive, and full of life; except by creating habits where both have glimpses into the unknown?

It’s an edge – exciting and terrifying.  It is a lifestyle that requires the discipline of total support and belief in each other and the moment. Living anywhere but on the edge is taking up too much space.

Time does not exist until a moment is fulfilled by each other.  Then hope, trust and love becomes the canvas of time. Time becomes a matrix of communication, signals from every conceivable and inconceivable thought, place, or thing.

The art of communication is a wonder onto itself, master of many, and servant of few.

Just as Time is a wonder onto itself, master of many, and servant of few.

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Who takes the road less traveled, “living on the edge”, with all its’ challenges, grief and many other sorted things?

Ironically, not living on the edge leaves life wanting.  One looks for something more, something is missing; a need or void to fill, which is opportunistic for health challenges.

Experiencing a dilemma:  believing is seeing – seeing is believing…demanding energy vs energy on demand.  This would take on a new life giving meaning/purpose.

Where does the road begin and end?

How do you find the power for perception, patience and perseverance? 

The quest of the Holy Grail from medieval times has never left us; it is still here today. The understanding is hidden in plain view: before and between.

  1. desires of the heart
  2. between the ways of man
  3. social structures
  4. cultures
  5. rules and regulations
  6. law and order

Every life, light, love, and power lies before and between communication of thoughts, ideas and action.  Understanding is an eternal connection to this source, defining in fact our truth from The Truth.

Demanding Energy vs. Energy on Demand

1, 2,3 and multiple parts/moods/personalities or not.  Who is robbing your banking account?  Now look in the mirror…before you go anywhere or listen to any thing.

Relationship problems between loversIn personal relationships most people think it involves “2” people.  This thinking is erroneous.  Relationships based on this thinking causes behaviours that create distress in the relationship. One person demands the attention of the other and vice versa.  In the beginning of a relationship, when energy is high, like when we are young , healthy and have money (perhaps wealthy), it is no problem.  But when demands become stressful when energy is low, relationships lead to aberrant, chronic, and cranky behaviour.

The way to understanding in relationships is by the sacred number “3”.  The three in a relationship is you, me and us.  Pardoxically, the three becomes one; you, me and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost.  This sounds like serious hallucination, or common religion.  Regardless, decisions and actions based on the practice of this living Trinity gives the relationship 3 or more choices, a sense of freedom.  Choices grounded in the “us”, the holy spirit/ghost, frees the relationship from the stress of distress -from you and me.  This is the stress of demanding energy or giving energy on demand from each other.  The focus is in the direction of us, not you or I.  You and I always remain in unity.

Relationship AdviceThis is easily said, not easily is unity and total support practiced in thought, word, and deed.  Enter the art of communication in which every individual is unique.

The only detour of unity/support is the mode of communication (skills) that individuals have learned to base their actions upon.  This is a real challenge, no two people have learned in the same way, nor do they have the same meaning for words/ideas.

When we treat ourselves in a certain manner we connect to the outside world.  We demonstrate, show or talk to the world exactly how we communicate with our self.  We also show, demonstrate, and tell the world how we want the world to communicate back to ones’ self.

And in this way; others who take notice will give you or connect with you in a like manner, just what you wanted; what you were looking for, or need to feel, or needed to hear, or do/have.

We then appear to have the same values, likes, dislikes (i.e. “birds of a feather…”)

To expand our horizons, change or add more values to our being…that is grow, mature, and have more appropriate or refined behaviours…we need a way to understand more than my point of view, or your point of view, and their subsequent feelings.

These behaviours are polar, polarized, and negate any action (harmonic).  When “2” become “1” the unity of “3” magically appears for both parties to focus on, witness, and experience – as stress without distress.

Both individuals overcome themselves by negating action, or in other words, have a no response to an action, because now “us” exists.  It is not the stress that is the problem, only our response to it.  The response is based on our relationship, and communication within the relationship.

“Us” or “3” sets us free!

And then there is nothing wrong with who you are!


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