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Remember Stress is Not the Enemy

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Water splashIt is our response to this stress, and this reduces stress to an exercise of self-deception.  A deception from the smallest mole hill to the grandiose dream of absolute power and control.  The power and control over self and the other… society…planet…universe.

It is the double edge sword of desire and dreams, and the work of fear and doubt, with the weakness of flesh, that cause man/woman to lose perspective of oneself. [1]

Higher self

This series of blogs are dedicated to everyone who has not given up hope in their lives.  To help them consciously identify signs and symptoms of underlying biological stress.

We talked about recognition of stress in the Relationship Stress blog.  We talked about the resolution of stress in the Christmas Spirit – Faceless Matters blog.  Now begins the time to clarify moments, methods, and mechanisms of stress/distress.  A moment is a unit of force, or time, with its subsequent and subtle effects on you/me/us, which has been our choice via awareness, or lack thereof.  Now awareness of moments in time begin to clarify sources and issues of stress/distress.  A moment of stress can be considered communication from your heart’s eternal point of view – the Christmas Spirit.  The resulting mechanism of this moment method is simply awareness before a response.

I'm glad we had this meeting to resolve conflict

It can be considered a soul purpose: an awakening, quickening, toning of body/brain-mind.  It is a gift of the unconscious righting reflexes to the conscious awareness for understanding. [2]

This is so that we may live and grow with and by stress, not just have stress without distress. [3]

We may consider this recognition and resolution exercise of self-deception as primarily a function of communication.  It is a matter of how we have come to learn and understand our experience with nature, and derived meaning and significance, positive or negative.

It is a process by which we have given an associated value to something.  This is establishes significance to certain content in our lives.   Events may become turning points for desire et al to change our behaviour.

Information Definition Magnifier Showing Knowledge Data And Facts

It has been said that the brain does only 3 things with information (communication) [4]

  • Deletes information
  • Exaggerates information
  • Generalizes information

And that communication is 7% verbal, 93% non-verbal (unconscious) [4] [5]

So when it comes to identifying the markers of stress that cause distress, it will come from very deep within the unconscious – that is the origin, the experience that established a bias, an opinion, a point of view, to invest our time, and emotions into it, for some particular reason or advantage at that time.

And it is not unlikely that these markers of stress/distress are established by communication skills of a 5 year old or less.  This is when we established our communication processing abilities/skills.

at Resolve's "Family Fun Day". Guy's North, Studio City, CA. 06-17-06

Dr Richard Carlson PH.D, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, has stated that the 5 year old learns the equivalent of 5 PhDs by 5 years of age.

It appears that processing abilities become reduced or replaced by content and associated reward/punishment systems, after this age.

This would be a gift of children to parents and adulthood; that we remember, and remain, in our innocence, present tense/time/now, and deliver us from boredom, work- day in/day out, and that is our content.  And remember to who’s end, and what advantage, we entertain our daily content of work.

Magnifying Glass - Facts

Below are 9 communication (cognitive) exercises to reduce insignificant content and improve processing abilities.  It may prove helpful in transforming childish reactions into childlike emotions, to better observe and live wisdom and understanding.



Be more aware of what is…

  1. Hidden in Plain View
  2. You have my attention, now what?
  3. What’s a relationship without a little mystery and mystic:  a glimpse into the unknown
  4. Living anywhere but on the edge is taking up too much space: A commentary on Faith
  5. Choices to be; Free or Guards and Gate Keepers
    1. Sovereign  above rights and privileges
    2. Master the word or forever serve it.
    3. Ideal communication; there are no rules and regulation
      1. The point from which any direction may be determined and its consequences
      2. Simple math and music, proverbially profound
      3. More is said in silence, cultivate the discipline
        1. Be still and listen
        2. Be still and see
        3. Be still and know the origin of mystery
        4. Master the mind, that it may take its proper place as your eternal servant
        5. Welcome finality, completion, and perfection

Finally, what does chiropractic have to do with this?

The master communication system of the body is the brain and central nervous system (CNS).  This is the primary focus of chiropractic adjustment, to adjust and restore balance and optimal function to the spine, brain and body.


(View – Larger image – Chart of Effects of Spinal Misalignments)

This we do every day, better than any other health discipline on the planet

The other part of the equation is our heart and soul purpose, to follow up, follow through and gain health; more energy, wisdom and understanding, the basis of our posture, attitude and temple of the Heart (more to come…)

Look forward to moments of stress as transformational opportunities, cracks in time and space, that uncover communication inadequacies.

amazing moment about a butterfly

Make decisions to have a wise use of energy, a very strong useful, energetic, youthful return to re-establish past/old turning points, that has changed our posture in the past, and will change our posture, attitude, subluxation, habits…our life….today.

Your chiropractor will love you…as well as you, yourself.

Our Life Song and Dance – Blog Series


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