Stilling the Waters

Correcting mis-communications is only a job the heart can accomplish.

Garbage – #1 Crush (Romeo & Juliet Version) Tree_Waters_Reflection_Sunset_web It is the magic moment, the edge.  It is not necessarily an enlightening time.  It is more like enduring the melding time between great differences.  We learn temperance, patience and perseverance by weathering strife, suffering, indignities, pain and untold slander; until clarity breaks through the cloudy minds and physical barriers are overcome. The Brain in all its complexity manages multiplicity of experience.  Its activity raises more questions than answers.  It is exasperating, infuriating, frustrating and even depressing.  The more I try the less it is working and when I realized that, “never ever” [3] have I felt so low.  When am I, or you, going to take us out of this black hole.  All the answers to my questions I have to find. What the brain and the body need is singularity, a harmonic resonant frequency that is the answer to all parts of the whole ‘stilling the water’ so to speak – All parts (unique) working in synchronicity.  When all the noise of the audience becomes silent, the concert begins.  Our awareness of life outside of us begins. Experience in daily life events, become more significant, a coincidence, more meaningful.  This is synchronicity.  Recognizing synchronicity events allows us to associate new values to our life.  It changes the world, yours/mine/ours. The perceptual abilities expand as does understanding.  The ability to sense (see, hear, and feel), in time, improves; as well as, being able to compress or expand time.

Why do we need this? 

Take for instance Dr. Masaru Emotos “The Water Experiment” – The Effects of Human Thought, and Words on Water…Wow.

According to Dr. Emoto, water splash

Water is…

  • Conscious, it responds  to prayer
  • A conduit
  • A blank slate we can put our consciousness on
  • The most programmable substance on earth

“Water is a superconductor of sound and light frequencies” – Dr. L Horowitz

And because of this property/characteristic, man literally possesses all the resources for healing by the act of faith and prayer.  Faith and prayer is equated with water and mouth/lips, your personal power to create harmonic frequencies and healing.   Faith is the spirit of the creator, reflected in and through water, with the discipline of prayer that grounds sound.  In Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the source of life and energy begins with the Spirit or Light of Heaven, descending and merging with the water of earth.  Light and water creates electrolytes, the energetic basis for the kidney-bladder organ system (water elements) of the human body. [1]

WIngs and time spiral

What gives us the physical ability is the heart. 

The heart is the power behind brain function, mindful prayers, and mindless praying. The heart has the ability through its HEART BEAT to generate EMF fields, hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful than any other system in the body.  The brain’s EMF- Aura is only 1-2 feet; the hearts’ is 70 feet in front of us and 15 feet behind us, when we are at rest.  In the alarm state or enhanced awareness, EMF measurements are hundreds of feet even more! [2] From Heart Math Research Center – Heart Frequencies: Transition to Entrainment Human heart gears and time spirialThe Heart EMF is responsible for the energetic organization of the entire body. From the power of the physical HEART BEAT, the human body forms itself; singularity is near – our consciousness may or may not be.

  • Like when sound waves creating a standing water wave pattern in a bucket of water
  • Like when grains of sand on a drums’ skin, forming an organized pattern with drum beat rhythms
  • Like when iron filings on paper form a magnetic field pattern when a magnet is placed beneath the paper
  • It gives the human Aura, physical form – at its core

Heart beatWith today’s science and technology in EMF and communication, we have a means and a way to understand how communication occurs and affects us on many different levels.

  • Cell to cell
  • Tissue
  • Organ
  • Organ system
  • Individual behaviour
  • Person to person relationships
  • Person to planet relationships

Tesla stated: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Gears of moments From the secrets of vibration, hidden truths of sound, and laws of attraction, Dr. Horowitz believes the 528 Hz frequency is evolving consciousness.  The frequency of 528hz acts at the DNA level, initiating DNA repair, transforming connection and reconnection – new relationships. DNA has long been suspected to act like an antennae, a receiver of EMF signals from the entire environment.  i.e. the entire universe.  This theory began, because today’s science and technology cannot explain 97% of what DNA does. Horowitz goes on to say Breathing, light and sound energy at the DNA level creates three universal effects in nature.  The frequency 528 Hz evolves consciousness in three ways;

  • Music as the universal language
  • Love as the universal healer
  • Water as the universal solvent

At 528 Hz, light comes out of sound at the DNA level.  The Gregorian chants from the original six music scale, was called Solfeggio frequencies and were sung to energize the soul, to overcome negative states of consciousness pipe organ

  • 396 Hz liberates guilt and fear
  • 417 Hz expands consciousness, undo situations, and facilitate change
  • 528 Hz literally means ‘love to you’ – healing – miracle DNA repair.
  • 639 Hz relationships, intuition
  • 741 Hz expanded creativity, increase problem solving
  • 852 Hz awaken, return to spiritual order

The word God (ahhh – sound) summons form from the void, through the miracle of 528 Hz, Solfeggio numbers, and Fibonacci numbers. Fibonacci numbers are the world’s most mysterious numbers.   The number is 1.618….to infinity and has been called; Lotus flower

  • The Divine Proportion
  • The Golden Mean
  • Pi (Phi)
  • Mathematics behind nature, or organic growth
    • Petals on plants – Lilies (radial symmetry is based on three) – violets (radial symmetry is based on five) – sunflowers (radial symmetry is based on 33, 55, 89)
    • Fingerprints
    • Waves (structure / forms)
    • Basis of fractal geometry vs. Euclidean geometry
    • Basis of transition from one dimension to another…1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc.

Cymatics is the Greek word for the study of waves, where increased frequencies increases wave patterns and vice-versa. The fact that light comes out of sound at the DNA level, is a step up transformer of energy.  Our body does this – literally the energy to light our way, and find out what is hidden in plain view, enabling us to find inner resolve and establish a solid and sound grounding.  The smallest cellular unit lights up the most sophisticated organ system, the brain and the CNS (Central Nervous System), to recognize what has been hidden from this level of organization.  This is all the more reason to be unique and true to ourself as we begin to truly know ourself.  And still, in stillness, we paradoxically bring more information, knowledge, value and changes into this world.

It appears the perception of worlds within worlds has been here since the beginning of time, in religion, in science, and historical myths and legends. 

The concept of singularity connects all levels of organization:  from cell to cell communication, person to person, and person to planet relationships.  The concept of singularity is none other than:  healthy human, healthy planet, healthy universe. The means of achieving singularity through ignorance is synchronicity and the understanding that nothing in your life has happened by chance! Abstract heart beats cardiogram And vice-versa, everything happens by chance so that nothing exists. And so the heart beats until it does not! It is your choice to be patient and persevere through all things…stilling the waters. Life may bring itself to you more abundantly in your conscious awareness, humility and full appreciation.

Our Life Song and Dance – Blog Series


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