Health Facades

Health Facades and Subsequent World Parade

Innocently we join in whole-heartedly.  All join the Health Parade.  Propagated by the Health Care Industry, corporate entities through business and marketing, education and political controls, and their need to create a powerful public image.

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Truth be Told –  Are we doing any Good? 

Fact or Fiction?  7 Common Health Beliefs Busted

  1. Exercise gets you HealthNOT…No health, no exercise.  If you do not have health, you cannot exercise.  Health allows you a level of activity.
  2. Eating Food Gets you Energy NOT as much as it could or should.  Chemicals ingested with food interferes with 500 human enzyme systems. 
  3. Drinking Water gets you HydratedNOT  Structural, Chemical and Vibrational polluted tap water changes the water quality.   Water is 400 times less absorbed due to surface tension alone.
  4. Thinking Preventative Gets you Wellness NOT… You get what you dwell on.  “Don’t think of the colour pink…see, you can’t help it!”
  5. Knowing / Knowledge and the application of Force or Will is RightNOT… It is true in the corporate world, but NOT in the world of the human spirit. 
  6. Soul purpose, heart and spirit is bound and subject to the system and its man-made rules, regulations, statues, codes, and laws of corporate agreements.  Man-made systems include: Justice, Health, Religion, Education, Politics, Institutions/Systems.  NOT…The system is only as good as its players.
    • To serve & Protect – man vs. corporation
    • To First do no Harm – Patient vs. Corporation
    • To Govern the People – People vs. corporation
    • To Education the Public – Teach HOW to think rather than WHAT to think
    • To Acknowledge the Power of Prayer – People vs Church “The Organization”
  7. Actions Speak Louder than WordsNOT…  In the beginning was the Word… Book of Genesis “i, man, believe in the Creator exist by the Word in, at, through, and out of time so be it, amen, shalom”.

Love Life

Within and Without Karma. 

“Laws & Corporations do not have the power to believe, only man”

Mission statements, oaths, creeds, mottos are for the service of man..not corporate self-serving entities.  As above, So below.  Hermes – revisited.

Nature’s Design, Behaviour and Order can be described by fractal mathematics.  Design of human tissue in the healthy human body clearly shows and demonstrates the behaviour, laws and orders of our inner universe.

75 Trillion individual units, called cells, are organized and actively behave in a harmonic manner.    Healthy body cells of one tissue do not invade other tissues.  Liver cells do NOT invade lung cells.   Stomach cells do NOT invade kidney cells in search for gold, blood or other precious fluids.

7 Billion Humans cannot live harmonically, in harmony, on its surface.  By whose laws?  What is wrong with this picture?  What is planet earth in for with this rapid scouring human virus invading its every recess?  Who gave the corporation rights to cup up this pie? 

NOW….more importantly, who can take those rights away?  And How? 

The arrival and expression of BREAKING NEWS!

Our freedom is here, is now! 

Feeling in our words, feeling in what we see, feeling in what we breather through our posture…all simultaneously.  “Nothing is better than our mutual resonant feeling”  .  Optimal energy invested in Enthusiasm – the Greek word for God’s Love. 

Welcome a fresh breath and new posture in life.  A breath that expresses the fire of our spirit and soul. 

What posture have you assumed? 

The ongoing present world invading parade?  Or fresh, live, local, sustainable environment. 

To whose music do you dance?  Who and What influenced you?  Your though/ view of the world, your habits, your behaviour. 

What are you breathing life and fire into?  The quest in, is to what end?  Your power is little or non-existent until YOU decide to take your power back.  your power is consumer power; Choose wisely, choose quality.  We have freedom.  Freedom is here NOW! 

This is our new posture from which we take action.

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