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Focus on Strategy in the Middle of Know Where.  Following a Line of Thought: Visionary Direction.

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This is a challenge more than ever today.  Where and how can we find quality of Life?  Where are you going to find a strategy to get healthy?

Does anyone have the answer?  And if they do, is the right information available to everyone to help them make the best decision about their health? 

Who controls the information?  Do they have the best interest of the public as their primary goal? 

How do the market masters play us? Whose vested interest does mass media serve?  What corporate businesses have the deepest pockets, best infrastructures?  Where can we find help and support?

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The Health Care Industry is a very expensive and lucrative business, whose true potential, health care service is beyond the average/common man’s pocket book.  Beyond what insurance companies are willing to pay.  It is no secret the pharmaceutical interests control the industry.  They are self-serving.  Why do our tax dollars go into their coffers? How are we not totally aware and informed about these business transactions for services (and products) of health care (daily like all the accidents injuries and woes of the world)?

Media takes advantage of us!  Why? How? 

Below is a list of our personal shortcomings, our emotions.

  • Ignorance – What we don’t know won’t hurt, does not apply.  It is literally killing us while we go broke.
  • Bull@#! Baffles Brains – Health Canada experts’ advice has been ignored for decades.  Suggested Reading – 5 Foods that are unsafe for consumption “Corrupt to the Core”  – Dr. Shiv Chopra
  • Fear – Fear that plagues disease and disasters will run amuck; leading to mass hysteria and paranoia.  Out of Control!
  • Appeal to the Helpless…Homeless – After all, who else can help these poor souls?
  • Good Samaritan – I feel better because I can’t bear to watch you remain in pain/suffering.  Who else could help?

While we are at it, we may as well have a lottery, sweepstake, take donations… These are 5 typical “Health” Strategies promoted by our “Puppet Masters”.  When we listen to daily media messages, what conclusions do people come up with? 

Many feel insignificant, of little consequence, unqualified, and unable to make a difference.  When we listen and accept this information and the source from which it came, we are allowing ourselves to be emotionally abused, and mentally we give our power away.  We become helpless and sometimes… hopeless. 

Who are the experts? Who is paying for the message, are experts of self-service that supports themselves.  They have built a business infrastructure, which includes the MEDIA.  That may be a conflict of interest to you.  This is very important when it comes to developing your health strategy. 

Living YOUR life healthier longer.

Now that we understand these “Health Facades” .  We CAN make the decision to live healthier…longer.

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