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We are NOT victims of Genetics, our Genes.  Because mom or dad has this or that “Condition” ,does NOT mean you will too.  You are pre-disposed, or more easily influenced by, or may have tendencies to indulge in habits that will sooner…than later..deliver these (unhealthy) conditions into your life.  There is a chance, a hope, a will, a light that you will NOT have the same result as your patents (their genes) because you are NOT your parents.

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Nobel prize laureate Dr. Bruce Lipton has introduced to the world, the concept of Epigenetics. 

Epigenetics (definition) – Epi meaning over and above +  genetics / genes.

True, the DNA of genes is the blueprint of life; producing and reproducing everything in our body throughout our entire life, as referenced the book by Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief:  Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles.

DNA of genes is the blueprint of life; producing and reproducing everything in our body throughout our entire life.  The instruction of gene function – repair or reproduction is NOT from the genes.  These signals come from the environment. These modern day diseases are NOT genetic, but plagues of modern day pollution…Epidemic and rampant over the few generations. and, ONLY in the last one hundred plus years…NOT the last millennia.

The instruction is coming from the brain of the cell.  Science has demonstrated that the cell membrane is the Brain of the cell, instructing the gonads (genes) of the cell to reproduce the cell (Bruce Lipton). This minute detail of information allows us to be masters of our environment and genetics, not victims.  Therefore…

Change your Environment, by changing your behaviours, and habits… Hence, the nature and quality of stimulation (signals) to the cell and its contents.  The foundation of cell health begins with communication and the response to signals of the environment.  In quantum terms that means wave forms and particles (atoms/molecules).

Hence the value of information:

  • Primary
  • Fundamental
  • Beginning & End (Alpha & Omega)

Welcome to the New World of Epigenetics. 

Grow your knew/new life.  Create your own paradise; your own sustainable environment.    

Today in our clinic:  Magnetic Resonance & Redox signalling molecules serve this purpose in your health.

There is a uniquely curious human anomaly.  Biological development is NOT complete at birth.  This is believed to be an evolutionary advantage where human DNA can be more receptive to their environment.  As a species, the human race has a GREATER advantage to adapt to its environment.  It takes 25 years for the human organ systems to develop.  The last to develop is the brain.  In ALL species, biologic development is completed at birth. 

Careful… there is a double edged sword here. We may just outright poison/pollute ourselves out of existence…never mind mutation! 

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