Healing, a Form of Immaculate Conception.

It is the greatness of nature  acknowledging the virtue of humility.  It occurs when baring one’s soul in earnest, when seeking the truth…living a ferocious resolve of conflict.  The emergence of heart and fire in purity of thought……then becomes a marriage with the resonant biology of man.  Its presence uncovered in/as a state of being; found reflected in one’s self and others, as whispers of the Living Spirit.  And what follows is a feeling of being whole, physically restored. 

The physical transition of pain, and suffering, are conditions of imbalance, illness, towards a healthy balance.  Unconditional thought, love & grace is a process, a tempering process.  It requires a personal resolutions of physical, mental, emotional, and social layers of conditioning & balances of life…established from the beginning of time by culture, creed, religion & social systems that human/man has created. 

Every human stands face to face with their collective self.  To live fully, abundantly is to recognize there is more to live and more to life than man’s creation. 

One must live outside that man-made creation, while in it.  Don’t do what the social order would like you to do!  Do what YOU would like to do to be able to live a bountiful, healthy life!

The social order is an order that has gone to great lengths to contain, bind/bound, and control each body, mind & soul; thought, word & deed.  Ask any politician, lawyer, doctor, judge, and law enforcement officer…accountant, banker, priest, minister, counsellor, psychiatrist, economist…

It is by the law you must behave a certain way or be punished; by contract, Agreement, License, Ownership.  It is by health policy that you must take this medicine, sterilize, vaccinate, pasteurize and other protocols or be incarcerated.  It is for economic stimulus that government does corporate bidding.

Conditions & Limits must be, and are ingrained & instilled in each and every mind.  But healing is a true path to health, personal freedom & peace, body, mind & soul.  Physical health requires sound body & mind.  This is established by proper relative balance of elements that appear to only vary slightly from evolutionary ages, biological ages, geographic regions and cultural habits. 

We are all bound by the processes of life. 

  • Hydration vs. Dehydration
  • Function vs. Dysfunction – Too much (fire) = inflammation, Too little (fire) = degeneration
  • Stress vs Distress

The ENVIRONMENT being the background on which the PROCESS paints the experience of life. 

ALL the elements of the universe is the environment in and on which we live.  We have come to know as nature, ecology, mineral, plant, animal kingdom – a perfectly balanced food chain……upon which all elements are connected & classically interconnected in some manner.  In medical health care, illness is described as an imbalance; a virus, bacterial, parasite, or fungus, that must be killed or controlled.  In light of new information and contemporary thought (science & technology), the environment controls and balances its own elements naturally.

It does it in 3 ways

  1. Vibrationally
  2. Chemically
  3. Structurally

Dr. R. Rife documented that all bacteria are one & become pleomorphic (meaning many forms), depending on which environment prevailed.  Dr. R Rife also demonstrated that any, and all, organisms had a mortal oscillatory (resonant) frequency that exploded the organism.  Dr. R. Rife cured facial cancer in 20 minutes in front of a panel of 18 scientists and university professors.  When?  It was in a post World War 1 demonstration. 

At the same time, Dr. Lakhovsky, a Russian scientist developed the multi-wave oscillator.  The stronger organ systems were then able to clean up / change the tissue environment where the virus, bacteria, parasites, or fungus could no longer live or thrive.  This allowed them to leave or disappear.  In other words, the biology improved and all states of illness disappeared.  Mother nature & genetics prevail! 

Now the little leap of faith…

Do we not believe our body/mind has the innate ability to do what these machines of the 1920s did?  Do we not believe that we can Heal ourselves at will?  What resonant frequency do we have to learn?  By learn, I mean, a state of mind & body, a state of being… which illness is attempting to bring to you, that learning experience.  This may be considered a purpose of health or the function of illness, pain, and suffering…That we learn to cognitively heal ourselves, family, friends, and others at will.  Vibrationally, Energetically…a higher state of learning. 

We are our own mirror…with individual habits and behaviours that produce or result in signs and symptoms that become our instructors. 

To know what to do intuitively, creatively & consciously to heal.  Our self, Our world.  Our instructors or messengers (pain, etc.) are providing us information what to do, where, when and how much.  We need not kill the messenger (pain killers, etc) but listen to correct the behavioural or habitual cause of the problem. 

The world is in such a mess because…!!! More is said in silence, as whispers of the Living Spirit.  This blog is getting to the point of silence… Feeling and being silent.  Perhaps it is the end of this conscious learning process, or perhaps a learning smart program that is self empowering. 

I can see clearly the end is in sight.  SILENT & LISTEN have the same letters.

You are the Way, the Light, the Life…now find it!  Your Healing being an Immaculate Conception.  All that was before you and all that will be after you were dying to witness this, because they love you!  That is the purpose of their existence.

Healing is an inside job; the experience of healing may then become the birth of an immaculate perception.  A precept that has never been experienced.  It precedes, penetrates & progresses through all levels of biological function & organization.  It precedes & exists through thoughts, all levels of thinking and subsequent behaviour.  It is a simultaneous unconscious/conscious function awakening & enlightening an individual. It may become the sole governing agency of our life.  Awakening all levels of thought, thinking, biological function, energy & behaviour to instil a new governing belief, belief system.

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