It’s Time

Your time has come to set yourself free!  You have crossed my path.  You are seeking information and help with your health condition.  Maybe for better or for worse, but you found Hill Chiropractic – Wholistic, Alternative & Complimentary Health Care.  Remember who referred you; it might have been an accident, but it was no mistake. What in the wonderful wild world am I talking about?

Your health + Your Posture = Attitude

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Your wealth, your optimal (infinite) energy bank account.  It is your recognition of POWER and the new possible expression of your potential living awareness. 

It’s Time to discover the information, to connect the dots. To understand the map is not the territory.  Your lack of health, wealth & knowledge is literally going to light your way.

Welcome to the Body Electric Treatment Protocol. This protocol is designed to inform and take you through all the steps, to meet all your needs and questions.  That you not only learn the steps, but understand and become aware, cognizant and independently able to do this for yourself. I believe our human potential far exceeds our health care (and any other social) system. That you discover / find hope, faith and love by your undivided attention and the care you take in this healing process.

Before we begin does anyone believe that the BEST things in life are FREE?  Now we can start…where you are at.  1,2, 3, GO! 

You need to know.. your problems are not genetic and a foregone conclusion.  You are a light being BECAUSE of your genetics. 

  • Research confirms the existence of biophotos, particles of light, with no mass, transmitting information within and between cells.
  • Research confirms Quanta of light can initiate or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells.
  • Research confirms Genetic Cellular damage can virtually be repaired within hours by faint beams of light.
  • Research shows the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light. – F.A. Pope

Your  Body is GLOWING. Your body actually emits light on a daily basis, in concentrations that rise and fall with your body clock and the rhythmic fluctuations of your metabolism over the course of the day.  The light is 1000 times less intense than levels that can not be seen by the naked eye.  However, some people are able to see this emitted light or “cure” and distinguish the various colours.  When we eat plant foods, the light waves, or photons, in the plants are taken in and stored by our body.  A diet of mostly Raw Food is highly recommended. (F.A. Popp)

Light controls cell functions.

Every cell in our body has over 100,000 biochemical reactions per second.  Each reaction must be carefully timed and sequenced with each other.  The cellular dance is not random BUT controlled by BIOPHOTONS.  Molecules recognize their particular targets and vice-versa by electromagnetic resonance (Vlijkovic and Cosic). 

Where does our body’s light come from?  From within our body, and from without (our environment). 

Wifi captured in Light

The light in our body is stored by, and emitted from, DNA. The DNA inside each cell vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz.  Unfortunately, this is the same range at which cell phone , and whirling WiFi’s, communication systems work!!!  The vibration is created through the coil-like contraction and extension of our DNA, which occurs several billion times per second.  Every time it contracts, it squeezes out one single biophoton; a light particle. This fast becomes a light parade.

We are swimming on an ocean of light.  That photon contains all the information on everything going on in your DNA at the moment.  All the photons emitted from the body communicate with each other in a highly structured light field that surrounds the body, and which is the actual carrier of your long-term memory. The light field also regulates the activity of the body’s metabolic enzymes.  The information transfer on biophotons is bi-directional; DNA out and from the aura is broadcast back to our cells, and to our tubule, which is light conductive molecules in our connective tissue.

The TUBLIN, semi-conducting elements of skin, brain & central nervous system, and connective tissues receive the information carrying light impulse and conducts it at the speed of light throughout our body… This is our chi and acupuncture meridian system…where it is TRANSLATED inside each cell, activating or inactivating certain metabolic enzymes.

ILLNESS Occurs when biophotons emission are out of sync. 

Light emissions of healthy people follow set biological rhythms – Day, Night, Week, Month.  Light emissions of healthy people are connected with BIO RYTHMS of the earth.  Light emissions of cancer patients had NO such rhythms resulting in improper cell communication… NO cell communication.  Strategies to gather valuable light energy will be covered in the 7 steps to access the field and flow of electrons. 

BioPhotonics:  A Branch of Quantum Biology

Biophotons are the biological emission of photons is a term used to describe the permanent ultra weak emission of coherent photons from living systems.  Biophotons consist of light with a high degree of order, in other words, biological “Laser” light.  Such a light is very quiet (low noise) and shows an extremely stable intensity, without the fluctuations normally observed in light (i.e. silent).  Because of the stable field strength, its waves can superpose, and by virtue of this constructive and destructive interference effects become possible…that do not occur in ordinary light. Because of the high degree of coherence (high degree of order), the biological “laser” light is able to generate and keep order and also to transmit information in the organism. The coherent emission of biophotons is connected to energy and information transfer processes in biological organisms; and has been linked to the function of DNA and to gene regulation, separate entities and cell cultures. Photon communication results in synchronization of their emission pattern.  Dr. Popp proved the existence of the biophoton field in 1974.

In Conclusion..

When you finally acknowledge that you have a health problem… Then it is Time!  The place does not matter, you have come to a commitment within yourself… to seek out Health!

Your denial has ended, you need and want to find healing, live your life’s potential in planet earth. Then the place, your place in the world matters.  Ironically, your healing and health will correspond with your space, your place…  It is your home, your community, your country, and your planet…earth. 

When you seek health, healing, energy, and your optimal function…our PERCEPTION will only change when our BELIEFS change. So… we END with the BEGINNING.

Einstein Quote

Healing is a function of light, an enlightening wholistic phenomenon.  A smile is the beginning of wisdom.  Know, where to find it…enthusiasm…is contagious! 


  • The Body Electric:  Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. (Robert O Becker MD and Gary Selden)
  • Cross Currents:  The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine (Dr. Robert O. Becker)

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