Exercise is a Process

Exercise means many different things to many different people.  In fact, it is probably never the same thing to any two people, or even to an individual from one day to the next.


Exercise is defined by Merriam Webster as

1. The act of bringing into play or realizing in action

  • The discharge of an official function or professional occupation
  • The act or an instance of carrying out the terms of an agreement (as an option)

2. Regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ

  • Bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness

3. Something performed or practised in order to develop, improve, or display a specific capability or skill

4. A performance or activity having a strongly marked secondary or ulterior aspect; such as … Party politics has always been an exercise in compromise – H.S. Ashmore

  • A maneuver, operation, or drill carried out for training and discipline
  • A program including speeches, announcements of awards and honours, and various traditional practices of secular or religious character

Biologically, physiologically exercise is unique to each person, and to each person every time they exercise.  What I mean is when a person runs, they basically require lungs to breathe, and power the body and legs to carry and move the body.  Stated simply but NOT easy…especially if you feel like throwing up.  The first day of exercise one of these two factors will limit this exercise.  Then the process begins when a person repetitively continues this behaviour.  The person either runs out of air and slows down, or stops running; or the leg muscles fatigue, weaken or cramp up. This is common and universal to ALL who exercise.

Exercise is a Process

The body must make internal changes to improve the quality and quantity of the exercise. THIS IS A PROCESS.  The basic fundamentals to understand the Process of the Body Function. 

The exercise program APPEARS to be the same, but the program is the behaviour.  The program & process are vastly different.

Cycle of Stress Exercise

Stress Quality of Life Graphic

One must pay close attention to this fact (observation) for their best output, outcome, results and return on their energy investment. The program appears to be standing still every day, slotted activity for 1-2 hours (x amount of time)…a daily wave of activity (behaviour). 

Our health allows and supports this activity.  Activity reflects back to us the status of our health.   Exercise does NOT get us Health

The PROCESS of this activity is the QUALITY of the exercise or movement.   THIS will increase our HEALTH, our ability to function and transform our physical limitations.  Just as LIGHT has different frequencies and coherences (qualities), so does our body have different forms & functions with which we FREQUENT. 

Now that we have established this important distinction…we may move forward with the goal to be more healthy.  It is obvious different exercises get different results.  How long & consistent we are with exercising, makes VERY significant CHANGES in our HEALTH & our abilities to MANAGE & IMPROVE stress. 

The most important detail we need to pay attention to is the quality or process of movement and exercise, NOT the progress of the PROGRAM. Back to our original example of running a training exercise.  After a period of time, the lung function improves and the leg strength, endurance, and power improves.  Then people typically plateau in their results.  You run the same pace and distance every workout, it’s easier and that is that.

Results plateau unless you alter some quality of the workout. You have reached one goal with the first plateau.  You have improved. Cardiovascular function of the lungs, heart and muscles can be measured.  To take this to the next level / plateau, you must do something different.  The activity won’t change, but a quality of it will.  Run the same distance in half the time requires power, concentrated strength and ability to metabolize oxygen more efficiently at the cell and body levels of organization. 

Now the goal, the end results of this process requires a stronger, more efficient cellular and body metabolism.  This means better nutrition and eating habits to improve body digestion and tissue/ organ assimilation of nutrients for body tone and energy. This becomes a test of emotional patience, perseverance and mental fortitude to stick to the task. This is not physical, but mental and emotional strength, flexibility, power, endurance and coordination.

So while we wait patiently for a simple physical outcome of better quality…running the same distance in less time, we have to persevere through multiple functional changes. The metabolism, mental and emotional brain reflexes, all reflect our resistance to changes and new habits.

Who enjoys work?

When you ENJOY work, workouts change… Change is learning more, learning more enthusiastically.  Work becomes enjoyable.  You are working harder and loving it.  Loving it is when the resistance is gone… The old habits gone…The PROCESS is the NEW habit. This activity is done without thought, premeditation, and intention.  When we master an activity it is without ego, yet ego receives with no greater joy a new boundless quality; a quality that is unconditioned, yet paradoxically experienced in a very specific set of conditions or state of conditioning.  Is this the cause of addiction to exercise?  OR is this Nature’s biological path to OPTIMUM FUNCTION, BEING, and CREATIVITY… FREEDOM?

Experiencing an inspired state of being, a new boundless quality not exclusive to the elite: Olympians, Composers, Authors, or Sight-seeing hikers.  Let’s take it back a step…there is an infinite number of activities happening within and without our bodies before this conclusion. This is our starting point, Hermes Mirror ‘As Above, So Below’ .  The skin is our physical mirror ‘within is the same as without’, so that when we balance and counterbalance our movement, exercise becomes a reflection of our inner / outer world.  The activity we engage in is now; one activity/movement is the summation of all our being: consciously and unconsciously.  The experience we have is a story/parable of 10 Talents.    

ALL IN, or ALL OUT.  We can be positive or negative, but massive action creates massive results.  Our experience and results do not change until our beliefs and perception change. Our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual bodies are faculties we have in our possession as a function of attention/awareness.

Our TOOLS of measurement are QUALITY and QUANTITY.

  • Quantitative measurements typically dominate the mind
  • Qualitative measurements historically have been identified as the intangible qualities of the human heart.

Six Mental Forces – Perception, Creativity, Intuition, Memory, Reason, Logic

Six Mental Forces Graphic

Five Physical Forces – Flexibility, Power, Endurance, Coordination, Strength

Five Physical Forces Graphic

Enjoy the Sunset Photo

Now back to our Bodies and Health.  Most people pay no attention to their bodies and health until they do not have it!  That is a relative statement because everybody is a unique individual and they do what they can do until they can’t. They only have a vague idea of health.  They think their health is defined exclusively by who they are, and what they do.  If they even thought for a moment they were missing something (health), they would seek it out…find/discover what was missing!

So we begin with this enigma

You don’t know what you don’t know
We are all stupid and we need to be stupid
In order to master humility
Of course something happens and then;

You know you don’t know.
We are conscious and seeking what is unconscious
Mirrors…both in our personal & social life
Then we find

You didn’t know you know
Where we find/discovered our abilities/resources
They were always their, our potential to use.
Finally, resolution of beliefs, misconceptions, perceptions.

You know you know
You have mastery, wisdom, and understanding.
Balanced health = stress without distress

Physical Health =
Regular Physical Exercise + Good Nutrition + Adequate Rest

That was a description of the 4 stages of learning.  Now to learn physical steps to GAIN HEALTH, painless physical activity; exercise and training.  We must begin an activity to reach the 1st goal/plateau.  It should be something that you cannot do right now, but you believe you can reach it with regular practise and repetition.  Then push yourself to reach higher goals. 

ONE STEP at a TIME Find discipline to stay active and exercise regularly.

  • 2-6 weeks – The muscles and lungs – cardio vascular condition has begun. 
  • 1-6 months – The metabolism starts to improve. 
  • 1-12 months – This is a toning process; losing fat, and gaining lean tissue.  The metabolism would benefit from a better / different nourishment!
    • EMF – Electromagnetic Frequencies
    • Filtered / Fresh Air
    • Pristine Water
    • Nutrient dense Food – Superfoods – 50-80% vegan – fresh raw organic

How can we measure body functions?  How can we measure our progress?

Technology, such as the E.I.S. Scan and other computer applications measure our body’s physiology – Biomarkers.

  • 3 – 14 days – GUT Cellular Lifespan = 3-14 days
    • Organ System Behaviour
    • Blood Sugar 6 hours
    • Urine 24 hours
    • Live Cell Analysis
  • 3 months – EIS Body Scan measures 70-100 tissue functions
    • Dehydration / inflammationTissue hydration (dehydration – water – process)
    • Tissue inflammation (fire – process)
    • Phase angle of cell membrane (tissue integrity)
    • Cell membrane’s ability to resist or react.

EIS Screenshots

Now what to do when there is pain & suffering.  Pain is the Messenger…do not kill the messenger!  The information you need is in the pain, not the pill (pain killer). With all the technology today, medicine still embraces the Big Pharma protocol. Seek a chiropractor, professional health practitioner, trainer, healer, mother.

There are many ways to alleviate the pain and suffering, But you want to correct the cause of the problem first……and not remain as an enigma – like the majority of the population… Who facilitate the business(s) of treating symptoms and those belief systems. Your pathway to health will be specific.

  • 60% of the body’s nervous system is wired for movement
  • 40% is metabolic to supply the body’s energy needs to maintain movement and all the qualities of this movement.

That’s why a trained eye to see the quality of movement is so necessary… even more necessary than people think. It is as, or more important than, a diagnosis which is an absolute necessity in the practice of medicine. Every tissue, muscle, ligament, tendon, bone, connective tissue, blood, nerve, and lymph must be, and will be active in a very specific time and manner. These active ingredients of movement can be tested by the presence or absence of their qualities. The qualities being, strength, flexibility, power, endurance, coordination.

Remember exercise/activity is a process, not a program. A program of activity / exercise may put a repetitive stressor into one muscle group more than another causing a distress, fatigue, pain, chronic injury, and compensating postural pattern that may last months, years or a life time. Improper body mechanics result in strains, pains, arthritis, and long term rheumatism and degeneration. So the responsibility of finding and correcting the cause of the problem is up to the individual. Be vigilant and persistent…be perfect.

It is your learning process.

Seek Chiropractic first…and more than one if necessary. There are many styles and techniques.

Government studies recommend the public SEEK Chiropractic first. [ Source:  Ontario, Canada – The Manga Report I & II ]

Chiropractors know joints give leverage to levers.  The bones (lever) are able to move more and better. Physical body movement becomes easier and more efficient with less strain on muscles. Chiropractors know muscle balance is impaired with abnormal (more or less) joint range of movement and work to correct muscle imbalances.

Chiropractors restore normal joint range of motion.

Chiropractors acknowledge, assess, and correct the connective tissue issues that accompany dysfunction and poor quality of motion.  This area of care has gained a lot of attention (tissue regeneration) due to the work of Dr. Robert Becker – The Body Electric, 1988.

See as ‘many experts’ as you need or can until you are totally healed, whole, better than before…it is your life…it is your learning lesson(s)! 

Get a health care team in place that is totally responsible to you.  They will be personable, cooperative, coordinated, compliant as only a member of your team and you will have the best information and services the world has to offer.

Should we all not think, breathe and practise this every day, everywhere? Now that the basics have been introduced regarding and perceiving exercise as a process, specific movement/exercises for conditions may be more easily addressed. 

These are NOT a list of exercises for you to TRY, but a list of exercised for you to DO!

  • Qui Gong Rock for postural Awareness & Energy – SI (Sacroiliac) Stability
  • One Foot Stand for Improving Balance and Hip Strength (circulation)
  • Thumbs to Bum for decreasing, anterior Head Carry & Increased lung function
  • Side Sit Ups for Greater QL (Quadrutus Lumborum[1] Strength – Spine and Pelvis stability)
  • Gym Ball Routine A gravity Interrupt Patter to Improve spinal disc mobility; stbility and health
  • Pigeon Head Patter & Indian Belly Dancing Pattern – for cervical spine mobility and muscle balance.
  • Rocking the Boat for Spinal flexibility & coordination

Ask Hill Chiropractic Support Team for more information about these exercises

These are simple, not necessarily easy, effortless home exercises or postures to gain conscious awareness of unconscious postural habits that one may have acquired through injury, old injuries, and repetitive activities in one’s personal or work life.  These exercise patterns are fundamental to compliment any other exercise or activity that one may desire to do.

These exercise patterns lend themselves to the correction of spinal biomechanics and to support chiropractic adjustment and ongoing health, to the complete resolution of spinal abnormalities and dysfunction. A habit that takes only a few minutes of the day can easily be implemented almost anywhere any time. Your present lifestyle should not be in any way an obstacle to begin immediately. Morning and night routines is an excellent way to compare our own personal process  / progress. Usually morning patterns are stiffer, tighter, slower to relax than the same exercise patterns performed at night. Usually morning patterns are stiffer, tighter, slower to relax than the same exercise patterns performed at night. It is time to step up the frequency, intensity, and difficulty of these exercise patterns.

You can congratulate yourself!

You are maxing out at this level (plateau) and now can set new goals.

Catch the wave graphic

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